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Burger King’s ‘eat like a boss’ tips [media release]

January 2017: January and February, possibly the two longest months of the year in the history of forever all over the world. Yes, it’s honestly that bad.

However, if you’re a fan of BURGER KING® South Africa then you’ll be ballin’ on a budget thanks to the King Value Meals (from R29.90) which feature a burger, medium KING fries and a small cool drink.

Nestled between a fresh bun, you have the option of ordering a double or triple patty topped off with tomato, lettuce and mayo, and even adding cheese. If you’re slightly more daring, consider the spicy option with jalapenos and spicy mayo. Such great value, you may even want to spot your friend for lunch!

In January and February, BURGER KING® is calling on fans to submit a burger-related rhyme on social media using the hashtag #BKBossBar. If yours is any good, one of South Africa’s top rap artists, Youngsta, will rap it in a video on Twitter every Friday of these two months. And you could be joining him to Eat Like a Boss at a BURGER KING® restaurant a few weeks later.

Good value and awesome rhymes don’t stop at a BURGER KING® King Value Meal. We know how important it is to get out there to take advantage of the warm weather. So BURGER KING® has put together a list of the ten top things to do with friends and family in Cape Town, Jozi and Durbs this summer. But what makes this list sweeter, is nothing costs more than R100 per person.

In the Mother City, consider the following activities:

  1. Visit the Zip Zap Circus next to the CTICC – R100;
  2. Gather a group of friends, and had to The Labia for some old school movie viewing – R40;
  3. Take advantage of First Thursday on the first Thursday of every month, it’s free;
  4. Dust off your trainers, and hike up Lions Head, it doesn’t cost a cent, and it’s worth it for the view;
  5. Catch a movie under the stars at Galileo’s Open Air Cinemas – R70 for a standard ticket, R79 for a warmer ticket (blanket included) R88 for a comfy ticket (chair included) and R95 for a warm and comfy ticket (blanket and chair included);
  6. Go on a submarine tour in Simon’s Town – R40 for adults and R20 for children;
  7. Take a walk through the Boomslang Walkway in Kirstenbosch – R50 for adults, R25 for SA students, R10 for kids;
  8. Soak in some history at the District 6 Museum – R30 for adults (unguided tour) & R45 for a guided tour, R5 for South African scholars and R15 for international scholars;
  9. Do a tour of Cape Town by night – R90 per adult (online booking) R100 when you buy at the ticket office;
  10. Catch a comedy show at Jou Ma se Comedy Club – Weekday tickets are R95.

Joziwood, this is for you:

  1. Get back to nature at the Melville Koppies Reserve – R50 per adult / R20 for kids;
  2. Love to laugh? So do we. Head to Kitchener’s Comedy Night every Tuesday – R20 pp
  3. Revel in vertical adventures at Orlando Towers – Climbing up is only R30 pp
  4. Keeping it cool at the Northgate Ice Rink – R60 for entrance and R25 for skates;
  5. It gets hot Jozi, seriously. Head to The Zoo Lake Pool to cool down – R12 to enter;
  6. Visit the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens– R40 to enter;
  7. Feed the ducks and take a boat out on Zoo Lake – R10 cost per boat, cost per person is R7.50 for adults, and R5 for kids;
  8. Three Wheel through Jozi on an eTuk Tuk – R30 per ride;
  9. Play a round of putt-putt at Adventure Golf Randburg – R33 – 49 per person;
  10. Or prepare to be awed by this world and head to the Sci-Bono Discover Centre – R35 for adults and R20 for kids.

Durbs, we have not forgotten you:

  1. Walk on the sky at Moses Mabhida Stadium– R60 pp, R30 kids;
  2. Conquer the waves at the Wave House at Gateway Shopping Centre – R70 per hour / R60 for the supertube;
  3. Visit Mitchell Park Zoo – R10 per adult / R7 per child;
  4. Walk through Warwick Junction – A guided tour through 9 Junctions –R100 pp / R70 pp for a group for 8 and more;
  5. Visit the Bay of Plenty for a swim – it’s free, and the water is perfect this time of year;
  6. Visit the world’s rarest plant at The Durban Botanical Garden – It’s free unless there is a concert on which is R60 for entrance;
  7. Hit the Skate Park with lessons included – Members pay R20 per day, non-members pay R40
  8. Bike and Bean along Durban’s coastal line – R50 p/h;
  9. Ride a Rickshaw on the beachfront – R20 for a short ride
  10. Adventure Putt Putt – R40 per adult and R30 per child

There’s no need to put your social life on hold, thanks to BURGER KING® you can enjoy a meal and a day out during these summer months – without sacrificing on quality and fun.

The BURGER KING® King Value Meals range include the following options:

  • Double Hamburger Deluxe – Two tasty patties topped off with tomato, lettuce and mayo. Served with crispy medium KING Fries and a small drink.
  • Double Spicy Hamburger – Two tasty patties topped off with jalapeños and spicy mayo. Served with medium KING Fries and a small drink.
  • Double Hamburger with Cheese – Two juicy patties topped off with cheese, pickles and ketchup. Served with golden medium KING Fries and a small drink.
  • Triple Hamburger Deluxe meal – Three tasty patties topped off with tomato, lettuce and mayo served with medium KING Fries and a small drink.
  • Triple Spicy Hamburger meal – Three tasty patties topped off with jalapeños and spicy mayo served with medium KING Fries and a small drink.
  • Triple Hamburger with Cheese Meal – Three juicy patties topped off with cheese, pickles and ketchup served with medium KING Fries and a small drink.

To find out more about BURGER KING® South Africa, head to Twitter and Facebook, or call 080 WHOPPER (080 946 7737) or visit www.burgerking.co.za.

This article is a press release provided by the Burger King South Africa. 

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