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South Africa doesn’t have Pop Tarts and that’s a shame

When I was a kid in grade five or six, I stayed over at a friend’s house one weekend. His parents were pretty rich, which meant that sleepovers would consist of 2l Cokes, KFC, and a few movie rentals. What sticks out so clearly for me was the next morning when I was introduced to Pop Tarts. My life changed.

What are Pop Tarts?

You see, Pop Tarts are an American pastry treat that is stuffed with different sugary fillings. The pastries are placed into a toaster and warmed up, melting the insides and some out the outside frosting as well. These delicacies (well, at least they are to me) come in a range of flavours, such as chocolate chip, strawberry, and s’more. They’re incredibly sweet and highly delicious.

While you can eat them while warm, it’s very difficult to not rip open the foil packaging and consuming the Pop Tarts as is. I think my favourite flavours are s’more and cookies & cream. I found the fruit ones to be too sweet and the flavour too artificial as well.

Pop Tarts are created and owned by Kellogg’s, but the South African arm seems to have forgotten about them.

Where are they now?

Back then, Pop Tarts were only available at Pick n Pay, from what I can remember. I also can’t find any concrete proof if they were officially manufactured locally, or just something to test the market. Whatever the reason it didn’t matter because I was love. Unfortunately, that love would be short lived as they vanished.

I’d pretty much forgotten about Pop Tarts (do you remember all of your lovers?) until one of my sisters brought back a few boxes from the US. Sure I’d turn my nose up at the fruit flavoured ones, but anything chocolate based was devoured until my eyes were cross. I love those gorgeous blue boxes.

Because she was working in the US a few times a year, I’d ask her to please keep bringing me back boxes. And each time I got a box it didn’t last more than a day – I was sharing them with other people in order to indoctrinate more lovers of the pastry.

I’d found a few sporadic suppliers over the years, such as the UK Emporium, and the sweet shops at Grand West Casino and Montecasino. In fact, I randomly found a box of chocolate ones at the Pick n Pay in Willowbridge, but never again.

I’ve reached out to Kellogg’s SA a few times over the years. Each time they come back with the same response saying they’ll look at it.

It’s a crying shame that we don’t officially get Pop Tarts in South Africa. They are, after all, part of a delicious breakfast (or anytime snack).

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