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Wimpy makes the best waffles. Fight me.

There’s something magical about waffles. It could be the numerous and concise indents, their roundness, or just how they are the perfect combination of soft and crispy. Regardless, in my opinion, Wimpy makes the best waffles – especially when paired with cream and syrup.

A few years ago, I was a full-time business and technology journalist. When I needed to fly to a different part of South Africa for an event or story, I would always stop in at one of the Wimpy branches in the Cape Town International Airport for a pre-flight snack. And besides its glorious cheeseburgers, Wimpy waffles were always on order.

These days, it’s very rare that I have a chance to visit my local branch, but whenever I do, I always get a waffle with my food. Why am I dead-set on them? Because they make the best damn waffles that I have ever tasted. I’ve had the opportunity to try waffles from a few different establishments, but the Wimpy version is always the best. And, of course, you can’t have a waffle without maple syrup.

For example, Woolworths sells pre-made Syrup Waffles that are “are ideal for breakfast or as a treat.” While I can commend them on making a visually appealing product, they tend to be too dry and give off a weird bicarbonate after-taste.

Waffles need the right toppings

When you’re eating waffles, you need to have the perfect toppings. Much like crumpets, plain waffles are good and all but they’re not quite as satisfying. To me, waffles are absolutely perfect with some cream and artificially-flavoured maple syrup. If I’m feeling really adventurous then tinned caramel and bananas are the order of the day.

Milky Lane has a variety of waffles with sickly sweet toppings, but I fear they may be too sweet for me.

What about Stroopwafels?

Well, that’s a different beast altogether. I’ve never quite tasted stroopwafels that I’ve enjoyed all that much. You can purchase them online (and here), but I’m not really that tempted. I’ve also almost gotten them from the likes of Giant Hyper, so maybe I’m missing out on something?

Roman’s Pizza has made a massive push with advertising its range of Belgium waffles, but they just don’t look all that appetising to me.

Do you think I’m wrong? Are there other places (especially in Cape Town) that I should visit for the best waffles? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, heart-shaped waffles are rubbish.

Fight me!

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