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The thought of pretzels usually conjures up small biscuit-like snacks covered in salt. I find them to be a delicious treat, which has inexplicably risen in price over the years. What if one of those pretzels were much larger, soft, and stuffed with meat and cheese? That’s the basic thinking behind Mugg & Bean‘s Backyard BBQ Pretzel. What is the Backyard BBQ Pretzel? M&B’s menu states that the Backyard BBQ Pretzel is composed of “BBQ beef strips, cheddar, creamy slaw, hand-made onion rings, tomato & mixed lettuce, served on a buttered soft pretzel.” These words are accompanied by an image portraying the perfect lunch-time meal, evenRead More →

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B2B market research company, Research Survey, released its 2017 South African Fruit Juice Industry report. The 126-page report was compiled during April 2017. The report directly focuses on the SA market. It includes research on various retailers, market trends, and manufacturers. Some of the report’s fruit juice findings According to a sample [PDF] the report, middle-class consumers see 100% fruit juice as healthy and are prepared to pay more for the product. Due to the impending Sugar Tax, vegetable juice consumption is on the rise. Vegetable juices may provide an alternative solution to the taxation. The report includes pricing information on various products, such as Grapetister. ForRead More →

Life is a strange thing, especially when you find something, fall in love with it and it then vanishes. While I’m not talking about that person you saw in the club one night and had a small fling, this could be something similar. I’m talking about banana caramel eclairs, the things I discovered a decade ago. It happened on a day like any other in Cape Town: the wind was blowing, the sun was shining, and everyone was driving as if it was a Sunday (it wasn’t), and I needed a snack. That day, I decided to venture to the Welgedacht Spar, which is something IRead More →

Many, many years ago (let’s say twenty, at least) when I was still in primary school, my family lived in Kenridge, Cape Town. There was a small shopping centre just down the road which contained the bare basics, such as a video store, chemist, estate agent, as well as a Seven 11. It was here, in this tiny little cafe that the world’s greatest cheese rolls were baked. One day they vanished. I still salivate over these specific baked good, because no substitute has ever come close to them. The rolls were standard hamburger buns and were covered in a layer of gorgeous cheese that wentRead More →

Fast food outlets in South Africa have a strange habit of not advertising their entire menu to customers. McDonald’s is no stranger to this practice and after scouring their website, we found a couple items that you might not know that they sell. It’s a pity, really, as McDonald’s has far more menu options than meets the eye and almost everything can be made into a meal combo option as well. For this piece, we’ll be leaving off the McCafé menu as not every McDonald’s outlet has one of these. MegaMac This was all the rage a few years ago (a decade, maybe?), but theRead More →

McDonald’s SA is changing things up with their summer offerings adding three new burgers to its line-up for a limited time. All of the new burgers take on a stronger taste by including Peppadews, red onion, rocket, and jalapeños. “As a business, we are constantly evolving. Menu innovation is key for us as we strive to be able to offer our customers a greater range of choice in our offering,” says chief marketing officer of McDonald’s South Africa, Daniel Padiachy, in a press release. The Grand Chicken with Peppadew offering contains a crispy chicken fillet, red onion, rocket, cheese, tomato, Peppadew peppers, and jalapeño sauce. There are also twoRead More →

The US elections are in full swing with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battling it out. Even though this doesn’t have much to do with SA, local build-your-own-burger restaurant chain, RocoMamas, has launched an #ElectionBurger campaign. “RocoMamas is putting the power of choice and flavour back into the hands of the people, by letting them vote for the next Leader in Taste of the Free World, in the first ever #ElectionBurger campaign,” reads the press release. RocoMamas is offering customers three different specially crafted burgers for the campaign. The Donald consists of “a double cheese beef burger, with nothing Mexican in sight,” while the HillBill is aRead More →

Soft drink company, Coca-Cola (Coke), has relaunched their product range with a new, unified look. It has been a few years Coke had a re-brand. All Coke products will adopt a full red look for the bulk of the product (cans and bottles). Each flavour will then have their own colour to signify which product they are. The original Coke will be fully red, while Life will have a green label, Zero Sugar and black one, and finally Light will be silver. “People have been enjoying our beverages for 130 years because they love the taste, it’s important to us to make sure that consumers have a choice aroundRead More →

Restaurants are currently raging all out war for your wallet (and stomach) on the breakfast battlefield. Wimpy has launched their own offensive with the ‘All-Day Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ breakfast promotion on Mondays. Customers will be able to purchase two breakfast specials every Monday for only R45. Each special consists of two eggs, two rashers of back bacon, two pork bangers, toast, and a grilled tomato. “That’s two for only R45.00. The Double Up breakfast has been a popular and well loved meal for years now and we believe our Wimpy consumers will love this promotion,” says brand manager at Wimpy, Luise Peters, in a press releaseRead More →

It’s not often that SA receives new versions of the chips-in-a-tube Pringles (unless you try to count the countless knockoffs). This time, it’s not a new flavour (sort of), but rather a new type of chip. Is this new tortilla chip tubular, or just something corny? To anyone getting excited over the prospect of corn chips, it must be stated that this offering is not gluten-free. The product uses wheat starch as part of the ingredients. The Pringles Tortilla chips are slightly smaller than the standard version and appear to be brittle (a large portion of mine were broken in the tube). They’re a pleasure to chomp andRead More →

The Whopper is Burger King‘s signature hamburger; it has stood at the forefront of the brand for the longest of times. I decided to try out this mascot burger to see if was worth a bite, or better left as a last resort. I’d like to make it very clear that I didn’t order the standard Whopper hamburger, but rather added a slice of cheese to the ‘sandwich.’ The Whopper consists of a “flame grilled” beef patty, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, Heinz tomato sauce, and gherkins in a lightly toasted sesame seed bun. It is wrapped in a bit of grease proof paper toRead More →

Steers is holding a design competition for all of those graphic designers out there. It’s an interesting concept from a fast-food chain. Entrants stand a chance of winning R20 000 towards their studies, as well as an intern position at a “top South African advertising agency” based in Johannesburg, though it hasn’t been named. In order to enter, you’ll need to design a burger and include any of the food ingredients listed here — such as tomato or cream cheese. Entries can be designed using any media (think paint, marker, etc.), A2 in size, 300dpi (RGB), and have a maximum file size of 500MB. EntryRead More →