The Coca-Cola Company first introduced Coke Zero to the world in 2005. The company wanted to introduce a no-calorie drink, however, some consumers were confused by its relation to Coke Light (formerly Diet Coke). While other countries renamed the drink to Coke Zero Sugar in 2017, South Africa is only now catching up. I’ll admit that I was one of those confused consumers over a decade ago. I mean, why call it Zero when there was another version? Was it really zero sugar when the contents included caramel (as a colouring)? There was quite a bit of social media backlash and Hello Peter was litteredRead More →

Pop Tarts Spar

Two years ago, I wrote about how I found Kellogg’s Pop Tarts at Checkers. Since then, I haven’t really seen them at the food-chain. However, several Spar stores have started stocking them, and better flavours to boot! Spar FTW! Unlike Checkers, Spar sells their range of Pop Tarts in loose packs (two tarts a pack) for around R23 and a box of eight tarts for well over R100. While there are some unique flavours in the boxed-only options, the single packs give you a wider variety. So far, I’ve seen Chocolate Chip, Cherry, Blueberry, S’mores, and Hot Fudge Sundae. If it were up to me,Read More →

Big Mac promotion

On the 14th of May, McDonald’s South Africa (along with Australia) launched two new Big Mac variants: Mac Jr., and Grand Big Mac. As part of the iconic burger’s 50th Anniversary, there has been a lot of marketing surrounding the #BigMacYourWay campaign. The new Big Mac burgers The Mac Jr. consists of one patty, along with the standard garnish and sauce. The Grand Big Mac has two patties that are wider than the McFeast’s and burger contains all of the standard Big Mac trimmings. Both versions are on offer for a limited time. To my memory, SA received the Mac Jr. quite a few years ago. Though,Read More →

Frankie's Soft Drinks

Since 2006, Frankie’s Olde Soft Drink Company created some of the best beverages in South Africa. Its recipes for Original Cream Soda, Cloudy Lemonade, and Root Beer were fantastic.. Now, the company has made a change that has upset a lot of its fans. As with most soft drinks, Frankie’s created with sugar as a major component. Around February this year, the company changed to substitute 60% of its sugar for artificial sweeteners. It’s a move that Lucozade did last year. Unfortunately for Frankie’s, customers aren’t happy about the change. Fans voice their outrage Its Facebook page now contains several one-star ratings from angry customersRead More →

There are few positive constants in this world; few things that keep me safe. I know that I can always phone my mom, I can always count on my fiance, and I can always buy Coke. But what happens when one of these things betrays you? When one of those things slaps you in the face, spits on you, and walks away? This what happened with Coca-Cola recently. The 500ml Coke bottle is no more After that overly-dramatic intro, it’s time to get to the issue at hand. The Coca-Cola company has phased out its 500ml plastic bottle offerings and replaced them with 440ml instead.Read More →

checkers pop tarts header

Recently, I headed to my local Checkers store to pick up supper and was surprised to find something interesting. Just sitting behind each of the ten-items-or-less tellers were several blue boxes of Pop Tarts. What a rare and astonishing find. What a rare and astonishing find. Of course, I had to pick up as many packs as possible. Well, as many packs as my wallet would allow me to pay for. So much for a healthy supper that night. The flavours available were Frosted Chocolate Chip and Frosted S’mores, both of which contain cocoa goodness. I later found out that the Frosted Strawberry was keptRead More →

romans pizza

If you’re looking for an easy lunch of supper option, Roman’s Pizza has you covered. The pizza franchise is running a special at R124.90 for any two large pizzas. The special will run until 30 August and is only valid from Sunday to Wednesday weekly. Those are the only real restrictions, but Roman’s Pizza does link to its Terms & Conditions page for a few extra bits of information. Some of their pizza offerings include pepperoni deluxe (Tomato base, pepperoni & garlic), seafood (Tomato base, mussels, shrimp, calamari, garlic, herbs and olive oil), and sweet chilli chicken (Sweet chilli base, chicken, piquanté peppers & fetaRead More →

kfc cape town

Update 26 June: UberEATS is now available in Stellenbosch as well. Customers in the area can use STELLIES to get R75 off their first three order. Original article: Earlier this month, Uber announced its UberEATS and KFC partnership for Johannesburg. Now, the deal has expanded to select branches in Cape Town. “We are excited that the UberEATS and KFC partnership is now expanding to the Cape Town area, giving eaters the opportunity to order their ‘Finger-lickin’ good’ meal at the touch of a button,” says the general manager for UberEATS South Africa, Nic Robertson, in a press release to Next Window Plz. The KFC menu and outletsRead More →

KFC meal

Uber today announced that its food delivery service, UberEATS, has partnered with fast-food franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Johannesburg users will be able to order the menu items through the UberEATS app from 7 June. At launch, only select branches in Fourways, Randburg, Sandton, and Bryanston will be available, with more options added soon. The service will be available between 7am and 10pm daily. “We are thrilled for UberEATS to be partnering with KFC, giving eaters the opportunity to order their favourite meal at the touch of a button,” says the general manager of UberEATS South Africa, Nic Robertson, in a press release. “KFC isRead More →

romans pizza gluten free

In July 2016, Romans Pizza sent out a tweet asking if it should stock gluten-free pizza bases. The franchise has been relatively quiet on the subject, but it seems those bases are now available. While this new offering is news to us at Next Window Plz, it was first advertised in January of this year, though not much since. Seen today at the Durbanville branch (pictured above), Romans Pizza is offering its customers gluten-free bases at R15 extra per pizza. The only restriction, it seems, is that customers will need to order a large pizza for the option. That’s pretty standard when it comes toRead More →

pioneer foods logo

South African food and beverage company, Pioneer Foods, has launched a massive cross-brand promotion for consumers and retails. The promotion will run for two months and will include Bokomo cereals, White Star Super Maize Meal, Spekko Rice, Liqui Fruit, Wild Island, Sasko Flour, Sasko Bread, and Imbo. “Aside from being one of the biggest consumer campaigns we have ever run, we chose to launch it across categories with nine of our most popular power brands instead of just focusing on one brand,” says chief marketing officer of Pioneer Foods, Martin Neethling, in a press release. “This way we ensure the competition is more accessible, and consumersRead More →

mcdonalds bigmac promotion

Fast food chain, McDonald’s, has launched a social media campaign to lower the price of its BigMac meal. Announced on 22 May, customers can tweet or post funny responses to Facebook as to why the price should be lowered, along with using the #BigMacExcuse hashtag. The new, promotional price will come into effect from 7 June until 31 August. Price dripping down like the sauce on this Big Mac. We’re down to R47! Share your funny #BigMacExcuse to drop it even further 👀 T&Cs — McDonald’s S. Africa (@McDonalds_SA) May 24, 2017 So far, the price has dropped to R46 from its regular R49.00,Read More →