Chicken Chow Mein

Today’s picture of Chicken Chow Mein comes from flaviasaad0 on Pixabay and is entitled: Chicken Chow Mein Pasta Oriental. This dish has to be one of my all-time favourites. While it leans towards the American-made side, it’s still a delicious Chinese takeout dish. Though its ingredients can vary, it’s primarily made with chicken, stir-fried vegetables, noodles, and soy sauce. I’m a huge fan of cabbage and broccoli in the dish, though I recommend trying a bit of kimchi with it. Chow mein and video games When I started my first real job, I’d often spend weekends at home relaxing. To me, a Friday night consisted ofRead More →

fish and chips

Today’s picture comes from GinniDeville on Pixabay and is entitled: Fish and chips. A lovely portion of fish and chips is a regular take away treat in many households. It doesn’t matter if you have hake, snoek, fried, or grilled. And, of course, you’ll need a squeeze of lemon for the fish and salt and vinegar for the chips. Fish, chips, and Star Trek This dish is the perfect meal on cold and rainy days. And if you’re as old as I am, you may have eaten this treat on Friday evenings while watching Star Trek episodes on SABC 3. At least, that is my memoryRead More →

Today’s picture comes from jeffreyw on Flickr. Your sandwich today may be epic (when isn’t peanut butter and syrup?) but it is really this epic? stuffed with all matter of garnish, cheddar cheese, pastrami, and mustard, this is a hero’s delight! Subway sandwiches should be on every takeout lover’s menu. Now if only we could get some drive-through outlets in South African that serve these.Read More →

Today’s picture comes from Naotake Murayama on Flickr. Sometimes at Next Window Plz, we like being just a little fancier. That’s why today’s picture isn’t pasta lavished in a thick sauce with meatballs (that’s for another day!), but rather a seafood delicacy. The pic of the day features spaghetti topped off with shrimp and calamari. We’re hoping there’s plenty of garlic and butter to go along with it as well. It just looks delicious.Read More →

Today’s picture comes from Karl-Martin Skontorp on Flickr. What’s not to love about tacos? They’re perfect little corn (or wheat) flour packages stuffed with some of the most delicious ingredients around. Add in some minced ground beef, salsa, cheese, lettuce, guacamole and you’ve got the perfect treat. Oh and don’t forge the baked beans as well. Just typing this is making us crave a plate of these heavenly treats.Read More →

Today’s picture comes from Henry Burrows on Flickr. What’s better than a lovely plate (or newspaper) parcel of fish and chips on a Friday afternoon? Add in a slice of lemon and a can of Coke/Pepsi and you’ve got a fantastic end of the week meal. Sure, you can throw in some salad as shown in the picture, but where’s the fun in that? Do you prefer friend snoek or hake with your chips?Read More →

Today’s picture comes from Nico Kaiser on Flickr. Who doesn’t love soft, gooey brownies? Today’s picture really takes the cake (pun intended!). The tops of these delicacies have been cooked to perfection, while the middle looks like it still has the right amount of moistness. Now for the real question: cream or ice cream?Read More →

Today’s picture comes from tenaciousme on Flickr. Taking the traditional mince-based lasagna, this spinach and tomato filled dish looks absolutely gorgeous. The pasta sheets and soft and appear easy to cut, while the overall dish is topped off with the perfect amount of cheese. Not to mention it is garnished with lettuce and tomato, which only add to the mouthfuls you include them in. Mmmmm…. lasagna.Read More →

Today’s picture comes from Matt Mets on Flickr. Inspired by Joe’s Easy Diner yesterday, we decided to make waffles today’s Pic of the Day. And, yes, the image is actually named “Motherf***ing Waffles”. The crispy-looking golden-brown waffle is topped off with some berries and cream. You can try fool yourself into thinking this is a healthy breakfast, but we know the truth. True to our tweet, we didn’t waffle on about this. The original Tweet: We should write an article about waffles and hopefully not waffle on about them… — Next Window Plz (@NextWindowPlz_) July 25, 2016Read More →

Today’s picture comes from cyclonebill on Flickr. There’s something to be said about a sushi platter and that word is “yum(!)”. Today’s pic of the day is a tantalising selection of sushi treats. This mix includes salmon, prawns, and tuna combined in a variety of ways. They’re also accompanied by some pickled ginger and wasabi. Now if only we were having sushi for lunch.Read More →