Whenever I jump into a new job, there’s always one aspect that worries me. It’s not my workload, my bosses, or my co-workers; it’s the local eatery options. My previous place of employment had a Pick n Pay, Checkers, Woolworths, and a number of fast food outlets within five-minute walking distance. Thankfully, I discovered something interesting about my new location. The Super Spar is super What first appeared to be a run-of-the-mill and boring Super Spur, buried between a McDonald’s, KFC, Steers, and Debonairs, turned out to be a hidden gem. The Spar store in Belhar, Cape Town has a pretty fine bakery. In fact,Read More →

There are few positive constants in this world; few things that keep me safe. I know that I can always phone my mom, I can always count on my fiance, and I can always buy Coke. But what happens when one of these things betrays you? When one of those things slaps you in the face, spits on you, and walks away? This what happened with Coca-Cola recently. The 500ml Coke bottle is no more After that overly-dramatic intro, it’s time to get to the issue at hand. The Coca-Cola company has phased out its 500ml plastic bottle offerings and replaced them with 440ml instead.Read More →

checkers pop tarts header

Recently, I headed to my local Checkers store to pick up supper and was surprised to find something interesting. Just sitting behind each of the ten-items-or-less tellers were several blue boxes of Pop Tarts. What a rare and astonishing find. What a rare and astonishing find. Of course, I had to pick up as many packs as possible. Well, as many packs as my wallet would allow me to pay for. So much for a healthy supper that night. The flavours available were Frosted Chocolate Chip and Frosted S’mores, both of which contain cocoa goodness. I later found out that the Frosted Strawberry was keptRead More →

fish and chips

Today’s picture comes from GinniDeville on Pixabay and is entitled: Fish and chips. A lovely portion of fish and chips is a regular take away treat in many households. It doesn’t matter if you have hake, snoek, fried, or grilled. And, of course, you’ll need a squeeze of lemon for the fish and salt and vinegar for the chips. Fish, chips, and Star Trek This dish is the perfect meal on cold and rainy days. And if you’re as old as I am, you may have eaten this treat on Friday evenings while watching Star Trek episodes on SABC 3. At least, that is my memoryRead More →

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish Header Image

The Fillet-O-Fish from McDonald’s is somewhat of an anomaly. Not only is it the only fish-based item on the menu but the staff doesn’t always know it exists. In fact, when ordering the item for review, the workers behind the counter gave me quite a few puzzled looks. I mentioned this particular item in my recent ‘5 items you probably didn’t know were on the SA McDonald’s menu‘ piece. Having eaten it more than a decade ago, I decided it was time to give the rarely spoken about offering another chance. What is the Fillet-O-Fish made of? The first thing to take note of is thatRead More →

romans pizza

If you’re looking for an easy lunch of supper option, Roman’s Pizza has you covered. The pizza franchise is running a special at R124.90 for any two large pizzas. The special will run until 30 August and is only valid from Sunday to Wednesday weekly. Those are the only real restrictions, but Roman’s Pizza does link to its Terms & Conditions page for a few extra bits of information. Some of their pizza offerings include pepperoni deluxe (Tomato base, pepperoni & garlic), seafood (Tomato base, mussels, shrimp, calamari, garlic, herbs and olive oil), and sweet chilli chicken (Sweet chilli base, chicken, piquanté peppers & fetaRead More →

butternut soup

The winter months often conjure up images of warm soups and hearty casseroles. Though it may be the perfect time to eat these meals, they can serve another purpose as well. No matter where you are in South Africa, by now you’ll have noticed the chilly mornings and freezing evenings. The cold weather brings with it many changes in lifestyle and more importantly your diet as well. Gone are the days of lapping ice creams to keep cool or consuming long braais with your friends. Now, it’s not just about keeping warm, but at least trying to stave off flu, colds, and whatever else isRead More →

cream cheese

Shopping for bread at the health shop is always fun. They used to be confused when I made a beeline for the bread freezer rather than stopping to chat about goji berries and the benefits of juicing. Now either I’ve become much quicker (in and out before they’ve blinked) or they’re actually getting used to me. You see, I am not a healthy person. My idea of a balanced meal is a light salad (read: lettuce from a packet with some cheese cubes), followed by crisps dipped in cream cheese with a few spoons of Nutella for dessert. Like, that’s me doing well. On aRead More →


The cold winter months often make us crave a hearty meal. Or junk food. But definitely something warm, filling, and delicious. Food helps us to keep warm, fuels our metabolism and is a great reason to come together as a family or a group of friends. If you are cooking for your partner and kids then you’re likely to be in the market for quick and easy meals. There are many different types of quick and easy meals available. You could, of course, go the takeaways route but it’s not necessarily as nutritious to prevent colds and flu. And during the colder season, most ofRead More →

kfc cape town

Update 26 June: UberEATS is now available in Stellenbosch as well. Customers in the area can use STELLIES to get R75 off their first three order. Original article: Earlier this month, Uber announced its UberEATS and KFC partnership for Johannesburg. Now, the deal has expanded to select branches in Cape Town. “We are excited that the UberEATS and KFC partnership is now expanding to the Cape Town area, giving eaters the opportunity to order their ‘Finger-lickin’ good’ meal at the touch of a button,” says the general manager for UberEATS South Africa, Nic Robertson, in a press release to Next Window Plz. The KFC menu and outletsRead More →

starbucks logo

Just in time for winter, a new range of teas has arrived in South Africa. Teavana is already available around the world in Starbucks stores, and now South Africans can enjoy the delicious range of hot and shaken iced teas, including six full leaf teas – black tea (English Breakfast), green tea (Emperor’s Clouds & Mist), white tea (Youthberry) and herbal infusions (Chamomile, Mint Blend, and Hibiscus). To celebrate the launch of Teavana, tea lovers are invited to experience these delicious teas at an experiential #TeavanaparTEA at Starbucks Rosebank from 14 to 16 June between 14h00 – 16h00 and at Starbucks Menlyn Park from 21Read More →

KFC meal

Uber today announced that its food delivery service, UberEATS, has partnered with fast-food franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Johannesburg users will be able to order the menu items through the UberEATS app from 7 June. At launch, only select branches in Fourways, Randburg, Sandton, and Bryanston will be available, with more options added soon. The service will be available between 7am and 10pm daily. “We are thrilled for UberEATS to be partnering with KFC, giving eaters the opportunity to order their favourite meal at the touch of a button,” says the general manager of UberEATS South Africa, Nic Robertson, in a press release. “KFC isRead More →