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South Africa can be a pretty boring place for soft drink flavours. We have Coca-Cola (or Coke), Fanta, Pepsi, Jive, and a few others, but the flavours don’t really stand out. It’s because of this that I rely on my local Spar for import soft drinks, and Coca-Cola Lime is one of the best products on offer. South Africa had Coca-Cola with Lemon Around 2001 or so (according to Wikipedia), Coca-Cola South Africa launched the Lemon flavoured version of their drink. I remember trying it a few times and not enjoying it. I also remember only ever trying Coke Light with Lemon, and not originalRead More →

The Coca-Cola Company first introduced Coke Zero to the world in 2005. The company wanted to introduce a no-calorie drink, however, some consumers were confused by its relation to Coke Light (formerly Diet Coke). While other countries renamed the drink to Coke Zero Sugar in 2017, South Africa is only now catching up. I’ll admit that I was one of those confused consumers over a decade ago. I mean, why call it Zero when there was another version? Was it really zero sugar when the contents included caramel (as a colouring)? There was quite a bit of social media backlash and Hello Peter was litteredRead More →

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I’ve had a stomach virus for a little while (these are not the opening lines you want to read on a food site). Due to stress in my professional and private life, my body’s immune system has taken quite a beating. Whenever this happens, I hate eating and, instead, resort to two of my favourite drinks: Lucozade and VitaminWater. Before I go any further, let me state that this is by no means a medical piece. This is about what makes me feel better. If you are sick, please seek professional medical advice. Coke was my friend, until it wasn’t When I was much youngerRead More →