cream cheese

Shopping for bread at the health shop is always fun. They used to be confused when I made a beeline for the bread freezer rather than stopping to chat about goji berries and the benefits of juicing. Now either I’ve become much quicker (in and out before they’ve blinked) or they’re actually getting used to me. You see, I am not a healthy person. My idea of a balanced meal is a light salad (read: lettuce from a packet with some cheese cubes), followed by crisps dipped in cream cheese with a few spoons of Nutella for dessert. Like, that’s me doing well. On aRead More →

romans pizza gluten free

In July 2016, Romans Pizza sent out a tweet asking if it should stock gluten-free pizza bases. The franchise has been relatively quiet on the subject, but it seems those bases are now available. While this new offering is news to us at Next Window Plz, it was first advertised in January of this year, though not much since. Seen today at the Durbanville branch (pictured above), Romans Pizza is offering its customers gluten-free bases at R15 extra per pizza. The only restriction, it seems, is that customers will need to order a large pizza for the option. That’s pretty standard when it comes toRead More →

Fast-food chain, Romans Pizza, has tweeted asking if customers want gluten-free pizzas. This will allow the chain to cater to a wider-range of consumers. Gluten-free products have seen a boom over the last few years, whether consumers have a gluten allergy, Celiac disease, or are simply adopting the lifestyle. Romans offers a two-for-one pricing system for their pizzas where customers pay for the most expensive one. Their pepperoni and seafood are my favourites, but it’s not often possible to get them, due to my fiance having a gluten allergy. If the chain starts selling gluten-free bases (even for an additional price), then everyone wins. WantRead More →