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Two years ago, I wrote about how I found Kellogg’s Pop Tarts at Checkers. Since then, I haven’t really seen them at the food-chain. However, several Spar stores have started stocking them, and better flavours to boot! Spar FTW! Unlike Checkers, Spar sells their range of Pop Tarts in loose packs (two tarts a pack) for around R23 and a box of eight tarts for well over R100. While there are some unique flavours in the boxed-only options, the single packs give you a wider variety. So far, I’ve seen Chocolate Chip, Cherry, Blueberry, S’mores, and Hot Fudge Sundae. If it were up to me,Read More →

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Recently, I headed to my local Checkers store to pick up supper and was surprised to find something interesting. Just sitting behind each of the ten-items-or-less tellers were several blue boxes of Pop Tarts. What a rare and astonishing find. What a rare and astonishing find. Of course, I had to pick up as many packs as possible. Well, as many packs as my wallet would allow me to pay for. So much for a healthy supper that night. The flavours available were Frosted Chocolate Chip and Frosted S’mores, both of which contain cocoa goodness. I later found out that the Frosted Strawberry was keptRead More →

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When I was a kid in grade five or six, I stayed over at a friend’s house one weekend. His parents were pretty rich, which meant that sleepovers would consist of 2l Cokes, KFC, and a few movie rentals. What sticks out so clearly for me was the next morning when I was introduced to Pop Tarts. My life changed. What are Pop Tarts? You see, Pop Tarts are an American pastry treat that is stuffed with different sugary fillings. The pastries are placed into a toaster and warmed up, melting the insides and some out the outside frosting as well. These delicacies (well, atRead More →