Coca-Cola re-brands, launches new Life flavour in SA

Soft drink company, Coca-Cola (Coke), has relaunched their product range with a new, unified look. It has been a few years Coke had a re-brand.

All Coke products will adopt a full red look for the bulk of the product (cans and bottles). Each flavour will then have their own colour to signify which product they are. The original Coke will be fully red, while Life will have a green label, Zero Sugar and black one, and finally Light will be silver.

“People have been enjoying our beverages for 130 years because they love the taste, it’s important to us to make sure that consumers have a choice around how they enjoy our brand, which is why we are offer[sic] a variety of great tasting Coca-Cola variants with reduced, low or no sugar and low-kilojoule offerings,” says marketing director of Coca-Cola South Africa, Sharon Keith, in a press release.

While this doesn’t change any part of the flavour (as far as we know), it’s a corporate decision to unify the brand.

Along with the re-brand is the previously mentioned Coca-Cola Life. It’s the company’s first ‘reduced-kilojoule’ drink, which is sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf extract. According to the press release, “it contains 37 percent less sugar than Coca-Cola Original.”

“As a brand, we believe that it is imperative to listen to what consumers are saying – not just globally, but also on local soil. While in the past we featured complementary brands that offered choice…we are now one brand with several variants that shape choice.”

“We have been working toward reducing kilojoule content across our portfolio, and we plan on taking this even further in the future. We will continue innovating with One Brand, offering consumers a whole range of products with great tasting, low- and no-kilojoule options,” concludes Keith.

The Life variant will start appearing in stores in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg during the month of September.

Unfortunately, there’s no word if Cherry Coke will be making a comeback in SA anytime soon.

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