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RocoMamas launches cheeky #ElectionBurger campaign

The US elections are in full swing with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battling it out. Even though this doesn’t have much to do with SA, local build-your-own-burger restaurant chain, RocoMamas, has launched an #ElectionBurger campaign.

“RocoMamas is putting the power of choice and flavour back into the hands of the people, by letting them vote for the next Leader in Taste of the Free World, in the first ever #ElectionBurger campaign,” reads the press release.

RocoMamas is offering customers three different specially crafted burgers for the campaign. The Donald consists of “a double cheese beef burger, with nothing Mexican in sight,” while the HillBill is a “left-leaning” chicken and beef combo with liberal garnish. And finally, The Joker is a “non-conformist upstart with bold flavour and a unique disregard for the rules.”

[tailor_gallery ids=”228,227,226" layout=”carousel” items_per_row=”3" dots=”1" thumbnails=”1" image_link=”file” class=”tailor-57ead358574c8"][/tailor_g[/tailor_gallery]ers can vote for their favourite burger on either Twitter or Instagram by using the #ElectionBurger hashtag, along with #TheDonald, #TheHillBill, or #TheJoker. The results can be monitored in real-time on the Election Burger website.

RocoMamas has expanded from three to over 40 locations across SA. The establishment will soon be expanding into Kenya and the Middle-East.

The burgers will be available from 22 September until mid-November 2016.

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