McDSupremes: McDonald’s SA goes spicy with 3 new burgers

McDonald’s SA is changing things up with their summer offerings adding three new burgers to its line-up for a limited time.

All of the new burgers take on a stronger taste by including Peppadews, red onion, rocket, and jalapeños.

“As a business, we are constantly evolving. Menu innovation is key for us as we strive to be able to offer our customers a greater range of choice in our offering,” says chief marketing officer of McDonald’s South Africa, Daniel Padiachy, in a press release.

The Grand Chicken with Peppadew offering contains a crispy chicken fillet, red onion, rocket, cheese, tomato, Peppadew peppers, and jalapeño sauce.

There are also two different versions of the Quarter Pounder burger. The first version, the Quarter Pounder with Peppadew, includes the same ingredients as the Grand Chicken, but with a beef patty, and two slices of cheese.

Finally, the Quarter Pounder with Jalapeño relish includes everything the Peppadew version has, but substitutes the jalapeño sauce with a jalapeño relish.

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“Our customers wanted to experience more flavour, and we listened by giving them an accessible gourmet option.”

The burgers were created in conjunction with executive chef and honorary president of the South African Chefs Association, Martin Kobald.

The burgers will be available nationwide until mid-January 2017.

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