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I miss caramel banana eclairs. Yes, they were a thing

Life is a strange thing, especially when you find something, fall in love with it and it then vanishes. While I’m not talking about that person you saw in the club one night and had a small fling, this could be something similar. I’m talking about banana caramel eclairs, the things I discovered a decade ago.

It happened on a day like any other in Cape Town: the wind was blowing, the sun was shining, and everyone was driving as if it was a Sunday (it wasn’t), and I needed a snack. That day, I decided to venture to the Welgedacht Spar, which is something I hardly did, even though I lived just down the road.

Upon walking past the bakery at the back at the store, I saw them. Sitting in the window, fresh and enticing, gorgeous and voluptuous, they called to me. These delicacies I’d never seen before in my life. I mean, sure, I’d seen caramel eclairs, and the common chocolate ones as well, but caramel and chocolate? I’m pretty sure I drooled then and there.

They were covered in that delicious caramel sauce that you onto find in bakeries and filled with a banana custard concoction. I immediately ordered three, grabbed a soft drink, and headed home, dodging all of the Sunday drivers on the day.

I sat at the kitchen table, carefully opened the white cardboard box that house what would soon be my favourite pastries of all time. The first bite was beyond heaven and before I know it, I was on the last bite of the last one in the box.

After the next two months or so I tapped that resource and purchased the eclairs whenever they were available, which wasn’t often. And then, one day, it happened. These pastries, these heavenly bits of perfection were not. I visited the stores several more times, but nothing new was baked. I even asked one of the employees behind the counter, but was only given a blank stare.

Much like my previous article on the long lost Seven 11 cheese rolls, the caramel banana eclairs are lost in time, only to live on in my memory.

Feature image: Jessica Fechtor on Flickr.

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