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5 annoying things other customers do when ordering food

Going out and grabbing a bite to eat, whether you’re sitting down or waiting for takeout, should be an enjoyable experience. Hey, you’re getting some yummy food that you don’t have to make yourself! Unfortunately, sometimes other customers really know how to ruin the experience, or at least do so unintentionally.

Over the past few days, we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter what their pet peeves are with other customers when ordering food. We’ve compiled the best ones below in descending order.

5. The register vultures

Once you’ve placed your order, either move to the side of the cash register or go stand in the designated waiting area. Don’t just hang around in front of the till and expect your food to magically appear. Yea, it’s called fast food, but it’s not that fast.

There’s more than likely a line of people right behind you who all need to order their food as well. And if this is strictly a takeaway establishment, then everyone just wants to grab their food and go eat. You being in the way doesn’t help anyone at all. Move.

4. Those with complex orders

When it comes to restaurants and takeaways, the majority have set menu items. Sure, you can have the pickles removed from your burger, or have an additional slice of cheese added, but don’t re-work every single item.

It’s not so much that you’re changing everything to be just so, but that you’re wasting everyone else’s time. Don’t try to order a plate of nachos without chips and replace them with spaghetti instead.

Maybe it’s best you stay at home and actually make the food you want?

3. People who don’t throw away trash

This doesn’t have to do with ordering, but it’s still annoying. If you’re sitting in a restaurant and the waiter takes away your empty plates, then that’s perfectly fine. But if you’re in a takeaway establishment and just leave your empty wrappers on your table and leave, well that’s just not cool at all.

There’s a reason every major fast food outlet has a bin, or actually several of them. It’s so that you can throw away your own trash. It isn’t actually the job of the person taking your order or the cooks to throw away your half-eaten chips and untouched diet soda. Just put everything back into the bag and throw it all in the bin on the way out. Is it really that hard?

2. Those rude customers

This one should fall under human decency (though most on this list should as well!). Do you really have to be rude to the person taking your order or to your server? Especially if there’s no reason for it or you’ve just had a bad day.

The reality is that these people serving you may not want to be there. It’s a job, after all, and they’re doing this job to put food on the table, not your table. Mistakes happen, we’re all human – do you want people shouting at you because there’s one less pickle on your plate?

Side note: Don’t cause a fuss if the establishment is packed and the food is taking a little longer than usual to come out. The staff are trying their best to make sure you get your order and you’re not really a special snowflake. Everyone is hungry, not just you.

1. Not know what to order at the front of the queue

And finally, we come to the most common complaint. When you get to the front of the queue and it’s your turn to order, place your order. Don’t stare at the menu, ask everyone around you what they’re having, or ponder your own existence. You’ve more than likely had plenty of time to decide what you want not only from standing in the queue but during the drive/walk over as well.

This seems to happen at big-name franchises that have very specific menu items. Burger joints have cheeseburgers, pizza places have margaritas, and ice cream stores have chocolate as a flavour. It’s really not that hard to decide.

If you are having trouble, there are more than likely massive menus right in front of you that can be seen from anywhere in the place. Otherwise step aside and let others order their food while you’re still pondering this life-altering decision. Don’t hog the till for 10 minutes while contemplating the difference between a ham and mushroom or a bacon and mushroom pizza.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below, or on social media.

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