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Middle class consuming more 100% fruit juices – report

B2B market research company, Research Survey, released its 2017 South African Fruit Juice Industry report. The 126-page report was compiled during April 2017.

The report directly focuses on the SA market. It includes research on various retailers, market trends, and manufacturers.

Some of the report’s fruit juice findings

According to a sample [PDF] the report, middle-class consumers see 100% fruit juice as healthy and are prepared to pay more for the product.

Due to the impending Sugar Tax, vegetable juice consumption is on the rise. Vegetable juices may provide an alternative solution to the taxation.

The report includes pricing information on various products, such as Grapetister. For example, the product costs R26.99 from Checkers and Shoprite, while Food Lovers Market sells it for R19.50.

“In 2015, 27% of people that consumed Fruit Juice Concentrates in the past 7 days were aged from 5-24, compared to 23% that were 50 years and older,” reads another extract.

The South African Fruit Juice Industry report is available from Research Survey at R25 000 for the full report or R7 000 per individual module. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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