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Pioneer Foods launches massive ‘Thanks SA!’ campaign

South African food and beverage company, Pioneer Foods, has launched a massive cross-brand promotion for consumers and retails.

The promotion will run for two months and will include Bokomo cereals, White Star Super Maize Meal, Spekko Rice, Liqui Fruit, Wild Island, Sasko Flour, Sasko Bread, and Imbo.

“Aside from being one of the biggest consumer campaigns we have ever run, we chose to launch it across categories with nine of our most popular power brands instead of just focusing on one brand,” says chief marketing officer of Pioneer Foods, Martin Neethling, in a press release.

“This way we ensure the competition is more accessible, and consumers have multiple chances to enter for each of the power brands they purchase.”

Prizes for consumers from Pioneer Foods

By purchasing one of the listed brands, consumers stand a chance of winning one of 144 000 instant prizes to the value of R3-million. These consist of airtime, meal vouchers, and cash prizes.

In addition to the ‘Thanks SA!’ campaign, Sasko Bread will add additional prizes into the mix. Packs will contain codes for airtime minutes.

In order to enter, consumers will need to purchase one of the nine participating brands. They will need to SMS the unique code found on the pack to *120*7537# and follow the prompts. Winners will also be required to send a picture of their till slip as proof of purchase.

Winners are notified immediately and prize vouchers will be sent within 72 hours.

“We also felt it was important to offer instant prize vouchers that reward our consumers in the ways that they appreciate: Everyone needs airtime, and spending time at a restaurant with friends or family is one of life’s special treats; and who doesn’t need some extra cash nowadays?” adds Neethling.

Prizes for wholesale traders

In a move not often seen in SA, wholesalers are included in the promotion. These establishments have a chance to win R400 000 worth of free stock. In order to participate, wholesalers are required to spend a minimum of R50 000 on stock over a six-week period.

“This campaign is Pioneer’s way of saying thank you to the whole country.”

“We recognize that times are tough for millions of South Africans who’ve had to tighten their belt in response to difficult economic conditions, so we wanted to come up with a unique way of showing our appreciation for the loyalty of both wholesalers and the millions of consumers who enjoy our leading brands every day,” concludes Neethling.

Pioneer Foods was founded in 1997 following the merger of SASKO and Bokomo. In 2008, it went on to be listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) as PFG.

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