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Backyard BBQ Pretzel from Mugg & Bean [Review]

The thought of pretzels usually conjures up small biscuit-like snacks covered in salt. I find them to be a delicious treat, which has inexplicably risen in price over the years. What if one of those pretzels were much larger, soft, and stuffed with meat and cheese? That’s the basic thinking behind Mugg & Bean‘s Backyard BBQ Pretzel.

What is the Backyard BBQ Pretzel?

M&B’s menu states that the Backyard BBQ Pretzel is composed of “BBQ beef strips, cheddar, creamy slaw, hand-made onion rings, tomato & mixed lettuce, served on a buttered soft pretzel.” These words are accompanied by an image portraying the perfect lunch-time meal, even if its costs R99.90 without a drink.

It’s a gorgeous burger (or sandwich?) that looks intimidating upon inspection. After all, meat, cheese, coleslaw, and other goodies add quite a bit of distance between the two halves of the bun. Every bit of it looks succulent, and a truly mouth-watering delight.

How does it taste?

The Backyard BBQ Pretzel wasn’t an easy thing to eat. Not because of the number of included ingredients packed inside of it – well one of the tomatoes wasn’t easy to cut – but rather because of the bun. The pretzel bun, a focus of the whole meal, was difficult to not only cut but chew as well. It was hard and tasteless, a far different experience from large pretzels I’ve eaten in the past.

The ingredients, however, offered a different experience. I found the meat to be tender, the cheese to be gooey enough, and the coleslaw to be a compliment to the former ingredients. They were an excellent treat.

However, compiled with the bun, the ingredients became a bland experience, which wasn’t quite as delectable. Halfway through the meal, I removed the top bun to mitigate the taste of an almost-stale feeling bread product. What was once a meal that I looked forward to eating turned into something I regretted ordering.

The Backyard BBQ Pretzel is an excellent idea, but one that lacks execution.

What does it come with?

The Backyard BBQ Pretzel includes fried onion rings as well as a choice of one of three sides: M&B rosemary salted fries, sweet potato fries, or an M&B side salad. I opted for the sweet potato fries. While I personally prefer fried sweet potato chips (this isn’t affecting the score), these were decent enough and better than the pretzel they were derived with.

The onion rings, on the other hand, were not as delicious. Out of the three of them, I only ate two. The amount of batter used was at least five times that of the rings themselves, which make for a very oily and crunchy experience. If only they had come with a dipping sauce to cut the amount of grease.

Final thoughts

I must compliment Mugg & Bean on the idea of the Backyard BBQ Pretzel. On paper, the dish sounds fantastic and one you’ll jump at, even if the price may give you second thoughts. While all of the ingredients tasted great, the overall execution missed the mark.

Is it worth the asking price? No, not really. If the meal was R70, I would recommend it a bit more, but at being just shy of the R100 mark, you can do a lot better from M&B’s often fantastic menu selection.


  • Price: R99.90
  • Branch purchased from: Mugg & Bean Cavendish, Cape Town

Disclaimer: the review item was purchased and paid for by Next Window Plz.

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