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Checkers stores are now selling Pop Tarts! [Update]

Recently, I headed to my local Checkers store to pick up supper and was surprised to find something interesting. Just sitting behind each of the ten-items-or-less tellers were several blue boxes of Pop Tarts. What a rare and astonishing find.

What a rare and astonishing find. Of course, I had to pick up as many packs as possible. Well, as many packs as my wallet would allow me to pay for. So much for a healthy supper that night.

The flavours available were Frosted Chocolate Chip and Frosted S’mores, both of which contain cocoa goodness. I later found out that the Frosted Strawberry was kept in the cereal aisle. Each flavour was sold in a pack of two for R17, which is a pretty good price for these.

So far, it appears as though these are being sold at the Kenilworth Centre and Willowbridge branches of Checkers, both of which are based in Cape Town.

Are these Pop Tarts made locally?

A little while ago I wrote about these American-made pastries, how much I love them, and how they’re not available in South Africa. In fact, they still aren’t. Upon further inspection of the packaging, there is a noticeable sticker that states: “Imported without the approval of the registered owner of the trademark by: Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Ltd.”

It will be interesting to see if these are re-stocked and what other import brands the chain is dabbling in.

Not long ago, I also found Pop Tarts are the Spar in Kenilworth. Those were quite expensive and I haven’t seen them since. Though, Spar stores do typically stock a wide range of import drinks and sweets.

I do hope that Kellogs one days manufactures Pop Tarts in South Africa. They’re an excellent (delicious) treat when binge-watching TV shows or driving to work.

Update: 2017-11-04 – the Checkers store in Kenilworth Centre still has stock. I managed to snag a few more packs for myself.

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