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Coke shrinks its 500ml bottles, charges the same

There are few positive constants in this world; few things that keep me safe. I know that I can always phone my mom, I can always count on my fiance, and I can always buy Coke. But what happens when one of these things betrays you? When one of those things slaps you in the face, spits on you, and walks away? This what happened with Coca-Cola recently.

The 500ml Coke bottle is no more

After that overly-dramatic intro, it’s time to get to the issue at hand. The Coca-Cola company has phased out its 500ml plastic bottle offerings and replaced them with 440ml instead. This doesn’t mean you as the consumer are saving on less liquid. In fact, these new, smaller bottles are being charged at the same price as their predecessors.

coke bottle size

Along with plastic bottles, cans are also being reduced from 330ml to 300ml. This isn’t the first time the Coca-Cola company has reduced its product sizing. Several years ago, the cans also shrank the size of its can.

What does this mean for Coke?

Nothing, really. They’ll be bringing in more profit, that’s for sure. As for the consumer, we’ll get used to the new, smaller bottles, we’ll still buy Coke, and life will go on. It’s a bleak outcome to the change in bottle size, but a true one nonetheless.

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