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Super Spar (Belhar). Image via Permanent Trust.

Belhar Spar is a hidden gem of bakery delights

Whenever I jump into a new job, there’s always one aspect that worries me. It’s not my workload, my bosses, or my co-workers; it’s the local eatery options. My previous place of employment had a Pick n Pay, Checkers, Woolworths, and a number of fast food outlets within five-minute walking distance. Thankfully, I discovered something interesting about my new location.

The Super Spar is super

What first appeared to be a run-of-the-mill and boring Super Spur, buried between a McDonald’s, KFC, Steers, and Debonairs, turned out to be a hidden gem. The Spar store in Belhar, Cape Town has a pretty fine bakery. In fact, it has some of the best over the counter pastries I’ve had the pleasure of tasting.

A few days ago, I popped in there to look for a quick lunch snack. I decided to check out the bakery. There, I found a range of flat beats, loaves, and focaccia smothered in cheese, ham, and onion, and all for damn good prices. The next counter over contained all manner of pastries. What caught my eye was something most interesting.

The caramel banana eclair

For around R11, I grabbed a caramel banana eclair. This divine treat (which I regret not taking photos of) was stuffed with a slice of banana, cream, custard, and topped off with caramel. When I finished eating, my taste buds were in heaven while my beard was covered in half of the treat. I went back the next day and picked up another one, which fell victim to my mouth before I could take a photograph.

Along with eclairs, the bakery serves up doughnuts, custard treats, brownies, cakes, and massive bee stings. I know that I’m going to need to try all of these sooner or later.

While I still need to try the pre-cooked meals, I’m glad I tried out this Spar. I’m pretty sure I’ll be packing on a few kilograms in the coming months.

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