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I love Kiwi Strawberry Vitaminwater and I don’t know why

Like most people, my tastes go through phases… or stages. Not too long ago I was obsessed with Peach Tropica, then Frankie’s Root Beer, then Coke. But, now, I have a new love when it comes to quenching my thirst: Glaceau Kiwi Strawberry Vitaminwater. It’s so different to the other drinks I mentioned, that I do wonder why my body craves it.

Okay, so the obvious reason is the taste. There’s just something about it that’s indescribable to my taste buds. I’m not a fan of the other flavours in the range – the Dragon Fruit is an okay alternative – but somehow this one stands out. I can only think it’s because I enjoy both strawberries and kiwis. Though, this combination isn’t quite as close to what I imagine they would taste like together. At any rate, it’s damn delicious!

Then there is a texture. The Glaceau range uses desalinated water, more specifically a reverse osmosis system. And, of course, vitamins and minerals are added back into the ‘cleaned’ water. I’m generally not fond of this method as the water just doesn’t taste quite right. But this has an almost silky smooth texture to it.

While writing this article, I discovered that 70 mg of caffeine are also added to this particular mix, which is why I sometimes feel a little strange after drinking it (caffeine and my body don’t always mix). Thinking about it now, that addition is a little strange when the branding on the bottle states it’s for “focus” and that it is “very high in vitamin c + source of vitamin a and b’s.” I’m not saying it is false advertising, but it is misleading unless to scrutinise the ingredients.

And, finally, this particular drink actually quenches my thirst. Most sugary or energy drinks don’t, regardless of their advertising. However, when I am feeling parched, this Glaceau Kiwi Strawberry Vitaminwater does the trick. It’s just a pity it’s around R15 for 500ml.

Full Vitaminwater ingredients

reverse osmosis water, fructose, sucrose, citric acid, vitamins (C, B3, A, pantothenic acid, B6, folic acid, Vitamin B12 ), flavouring , colourant (vegetable juice), stabilisers (acacia gum, glycerol ester of wood rosin), minerals (magnesium lactate, calcium lactate, monopotassium phosphate and caffeine (70mg per 500ml) and stevia glycosides (stevia extract)

How about you, what do you love to drink and what quenches your thirst at the moment?

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