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9 quick facts about McDonald’s SA you might not know

McDonald’s is one of, if not the largest fast food chain in the world. To date, the company has well over 36 000 stores worldwide and is a global force. And while you may be planning on picking up a few burgers for lunch, here are nine facts about McDonald’s SA that you can chew on.

  1. The cheese is imported from New Zealand – That’s right, the cheese in McDonald’s SA burgers is sourced internationally! It’s also created in such a way that slices peel away from each other with ease for faster burger assembly.
  2. Some of the beef supply comes out of Botswana – In order to make sure there are enough resources, meat is sourced from other African countries.
  3. Salads are pre-packaged – Yup, the staff aren’t just chopping salads all day. Its salads packaged off-site and bagged to speed up service.
  4. The patties are broiled – Ever wondered how the patties are cook evenly and aren’t flame-frilled? Well, they are broiled from frozen. It’s a process that ensures the meat is evenly and speedily cooked.
  5. McDonald’s has its own POS – Instead of outsourcing a system, the company has a massive IT department dedicated to it very own Point of Sale software.
  6. Coke is supplied in a bag – The soft drinks you purchase from McDonald’s aren’t supplied pre-made — the syrups come in a bag. They are then hooked up to the most expensive machine the in the restaurant that mixed it with water.
  7. It doesn’t necessarily compete with other fast food joints – In a recent sit down with McDonald’s, we were told that some of the biggest competition for McDonald’s comes from 24/7 shops, such as Engen. Why go through the drive-through when you can nip into a store while filling up?
  8. Zionism is the reason there’s Halaal – Interesting, right?
  9. Filet-o-fish bun is steamed – In fact, it’s the only one of the burger buns that aren’t toasted.

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