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Grand Big Mac from McDonald’s [Review] [update]

UPDATE 2016-06-04: McDonald’s Kenilworth addressed my concerns in this article and provided me with a new Grand Big Mac to try out. I am happy to report that it was a much better burger, but still a large Big Mac.

To celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac, McDonald’s South Africa launched two new variants of the burger. I finally got my hands on the Grand Big Mac and the offering is quite underwhelming.

What is the Grand Big Mac?

Simply, it’s a bigger Big Mac. Instead of the burger’s standard size, it’s now more akin to the ‘Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.’ Both the buns and patties are larger than its older sibling. This gives you a larger burger to eat, but it also brings along a problem that most larger McDonald’s burgers have: it’s dry to the bone.

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Bigger doesn’t mean better

I consider myself a connoisseur of McDonald’s hamburgers, but I’ll be the first to admit that the fast food chain has a problem when it comes to the sauce to patty and bun ratio. Either the burgers are too dry or dripping all over your hands.

grand big mac burger

In startup terms, the Big Mac doesn’t ‘scale’ well.

The restaurant chain has near perfected its signature burger over the past five decades. What I mean is, you know when you’re eating a Big Mac and you know where it came from. It’s a signature dish you won’t mistake for a Whopper or a King Steer. As for the Grand Big Mac, I have to question how much thought was put into its general creation.

While it contains the lettuce, Big Mac sauce, a slice of cheese, onions and pickle, the quantity of ingredients hasn’t increased. What I ended up with was a very dry burger that only contained enough filler for a regular Big Mac. Each mouthful had my gulping down my drink so that I had at least some moisture with my meal.

Not to mention that the bun was very spongey.

grand big mac ingredients

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It was disappointing and a stain on the McDonald’s menu. I must mention that while collecting my order from the Kenilworth drive through, the staff were having a massive argument with each other. There is a chance that my experience is a once-off and that no love and care was put into the burger’s creation, or it’s just not a very good burger overall.

Would I recommend the Grand Big Mac? No. Even though it’s currently R10 more than a medium Big Mac meal, rather put the difference towards a second burger. You’ll be far happier.

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