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McDonald’s SA launches two new Big Mac burgers

On the 14th of May, McDonald’s South Africa (along with Australia) launched two new Big Mac variants: Mac Jr., and Grand Big Mac. As part of the iconic burger’s 50th Anniversary, there has been a lot of marketing surrounding the #BigMacYourWay campaign.

The new Big Mac burgers

The Mac Jr. consists of one patty, along with the standard garnish and sauce. The Grand Big Mac has two patties that are wider than the McFeast’s and burger contains all of the standard Big Mac trimmings. Both versions are on offer for a limited time.

To my memory, SA received the Mac Jr. quite a few years ago. Though, it’s a strange offering that faded into obscurity. However, it is interesting that McDonald’s is offering a physically larger version of the Big Mac. Typically, the larger promotions are reserved for the Mega/Double Big Mac, which has four standard patties.

McDonald’s SA and the sugar tax

You can still purchase the medium-sized Big Mac meal for R39.90, though the price is only valid if you purchase a bottle of water, Coke Zero, and Sprite. According to McDonald’s, it’s due to the sugar tax.

“Effective 1 April 2018 our prices were adjusted to take on the new VAT increase and health tax that the government has released so it is only R39.90 with water, Sprite or Coke Zero. A R2 is added if a sugary drink is chosen. The difference in price between sugary and non-sugary drinks is due to the government sugar tax.”

The marketing

The new Big Mac adverts appear on the McDonald’s SA Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. The actual burgers, however, aren’t featured [at time of writing] on the company’s website or it’s online ordering site.

Once I’m able to get my hands on each of the new burgers, there will be a write-up for Next Window Plz. Stay tuned (or keep reading)!

If you want to find out more about McDonald’s, watch The Founder. You can pick it up on DVD from Raru for R99.

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