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Cadbury Caramilk is back but different [Review]

Cadbury used to manufacture one of my all-time favourite chocolates: Caramilk. But a few years ago, the caramel and white chocolate combination disappeared from South African shelves. Now, Caramilk is back for a limited time, but does it live up to the delicious original?

Why is Caramilk back?

As part of an absolutely creepy and unsettling martians campaign, the confectionary company has created four new slabs of chocolate. These consist of Crunchie, Astros, 5Star, and Caramilk (based off of the PS bar). I said these slabs are new, but they’re more like re-releases of greatest hits.

What is Caramilk?

According to Wikipedia (yes, I’m sourcing it): “Caramilk bars contain unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter but are labelled as candy bars since only solid chocolate bars may be labelled as chocolate bars in Canada. Caramilk NZ and Australia version Milk, sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids, emulsifiers, flavours.

Essentially, the South African Caramilk bars were chocolate with a (tinned) caramel flavouring. These were sweet, silky smooth, and could be perfectly melted over a soft-serve ice cream. And since I adore tinned caramel – or anything that tastes like it – Caramilk quickly become one of my favourite chocolates.

Does anyone else remember frozen Caramilk-like bars sold at 7 11s?

Once the original Caramilk slab vanished, it was still sort of available as the P.S. Caramilk, which combined the chocolate with far too much wafer. Far, far too much water. Far.Too.Much.Wafer.

Does the new Caramilk stack up

The new Caramilk slab is similar to what I remember, but not quite the same. For one, the original was chocolate through and through, while the new release includes puffed rice. It gives Caramilk an interesting crunch that constantly catches me off guard.

It’s also sweeter than the original and not quite as delicate. There isn’t as much of a creamy texture as it has been sharpened by sugar.

That’s not to say that it’s a bad attempt at recreating the original. On the contrary, I love the new Cadbury Caramilk bar, though would like a non-puffed rice version.

If you see the Caramilk bar in shops, pick it up. You’ll have a delicious treat to snack on at work (like me) or while playing video games (also, like me).

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