McDonald's SA potato wedges

McDonald’s SA now sells potato wedges and they’re good! [Review]

Potato wedges may be one of the weirder items that McDonald’s South Africa has ever sold. While many fast food chains have dabbled with thicker, fried (or baked) potato slices, they’re not a constant menu item. Will the big M be able to peel the market?

(sorry, I couldn’t think of a better pun)

What were the potato wedges like?

Costing R14.95 and served in a packet usually reserved for the small serving of fries, the wedges are… pretty good. In continuing the comparison between McDonald’s fries, the wedges are big slices of potato, skin and all. I was surprised the potato skin was actually left on. It looked as though the wedges were chopped in the restaurant and didn’t come from McCain Foods, though I cannot verify this.

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The wedges were also less crispy than I expected, making them stand out from the fries. Though, the potato skin flavour and texture make these a nice addition to the rest of the menu. I also found that the wedges contained far less salt.

However, I do think McDonald’s missed a marketing opportunity by not bundling the wedges with a special spice or dipping sauce. Couple the potato wedges with a container of the McNugget BBQ sauce, Steers salt, or Sriracha sauce [affiliate link] and you’ll have an orgasm in your mouth.

It appears as though the wedges are a test product as I haven’t seen them at all of the McDonald’s branches. They are also not features on the official McDonald’s SA website, either.

Are these a worthwhile addition to your meal? Absolutely. Here’s hoping they become a regular menu item.

McDonald’s South Africa, if you’re reading this, please bring sweet potato fries to SA, because the Mugg & Bean ones aren’t great at all. Thanks!

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