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KFC’s Double Colonel Burger – a lot of chicken [Review]

KFC South Africa recently released a new burger offering: the Double Colonel Burger. It consists of two fried chicken fillets, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a sesame seed bun. By adding another chicken filled to the Colonel Burger, does KFC have a hit on its hands?

The KFC Double Colonel Burger

At first glance, the Double Colonel Burger is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. For R59.90 you get a burger that appears excessive. In reality, it’s a decently-priced option on its own.

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You see, the additional chicken fillet and an extra slice of cheese really add to the original Colonel Burger, which wasn’t ever something to write home about. It not only bulks up the offering but makes it a viable option as a lunch-time meal. The chicken fillets are also pretty thick – and quite close to the marketing images.

The chicken on my burger was cooked to perfection. The outside was crispy was a decent amount of batter, while the white meat was moist and not even close to dry. I must praise KFC for being able to thoroughly cook thick pieces of chicken (I’m not that good at it).

My complaint with the ingredients stems from the slice of tomato: it was partially green, which is something I’m used to with KFC. The company never quite nails serving up fully ripened and red tomatoes.

Apart from the tomato, I really enjoyed the mayo, lettuce, and toasted buns.

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You’ll need some wet wipes

With the increase in size, the Double Colonel Burger is a bit of a beast to eat. Halfway through my meal, it had already fallen apart and there was mayo everywhere. If you’re planning on getting the Double Colonel Burger, you may want to bring along a few wet wipes.

Overall, I was very happy with the latest menu addition from KFC. On its own, it’s a decently priced burger. If you’re getting some KFC today, try it out.

If you don’t, then you absolutely must pick up some of Zinger Wings. This isn’t part of the review, I just really love KFC Zinger Wings.

This burger was purchased from the KFC branch in Kenilworth, Cape Town. Bear in mind that not all KFC branches are the same.

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