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A&W’s Malaysian Cream Soda [Review]

Cream (or Creme) Soda is a soft drink that differs from country to country, manufacturer to manufacturer. You’ll either find a version that is green sugar (Sparletta) or transparent silk (Frankies).

A bit of background on A&W Cream Soda

I absolutely adore A&W’s Cream Soda – it’s one of my favourite drinks. Not only is it soft on the pallet and has the right amount of sugar, but it has a delicious vanilla tone. However, that’s the A&W Cream Soda that comes from the US. I recently had the opportunity to try the Malaysian version, and the results were quite different.

How does it taste?

Firstly, it’s easy to tell the difference between the two. The US version comes in a gold can, but the Malaysian variant is in a blue thinner, but taller can. The latter also states that it is “Krim Soda” – you’re not going to mix these up.

When first opening the can, I was greeted with the nice, sweet smell of Cream Soda. It was welcoming and familiar, but that’s probably the only positive thing you’ll read in this review.

The actual drink, on the other hand, had a harsh flavour and reminded me of cheap mix-a-drink concoctions. You know the ones: mix the green syrup with 11 parts of water, which is still too sweet. The taste also lingered in my mouth long after a few sips and finishing a full can became a chore. In other words, it was disappointing.

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The verdict

Barring the smell, I struggle to find anything positive to say about this drink. If you’re a fan of Cream Soda, I’d say give it a hard pass and stick to your favourites. If you’re really interested, you can pick it up from Raru here.

At least the can is pretty.

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