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Ola Rich ‘n Creamy Magical Unicorn bubblegum ice cream [Review]

In South Africa, ice cream flavours tend to be quite boring. Sure, we have variations on chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and some nut-based abominations, but ice cream flavours don’t always expand beyond that. Thankfully, Ola’s Rich ‘n Creamy has stepped up to the plate – or bowl – so that kids and adults alike can have bubblegum-flavoured ice cream once more. And what’s more, it’s rainbow and unicorn themed (because that’s hip and down with the young generation, I guess)!

The Rainbow Unicorn bubblegum ice cream

The Ola Magical Unicorn flavour comes in a bright red 1.8l plastic container (yea, no more of the two-litre containers like the “good old days”). The ice cream itself has been split up into three distinct colours: pink, blue, and purple. This gives the product a pretty funky look to it. Kudos to Ola for not just using one colour, slapping on a generic label and calling it a day.

The delicious bubblegum-flavoured ice cream in all its glory

If you love bubblegum-flavoured goodies, then you will adore the smell of Ola’s Unicorn Rainbow. There are hints of Steri Sumpie and Super M’s bubblegum flavours in the smell, which combine to make an intoxicating delight to tickle your senses.

Do the three colours have different bubblegum flavours to them? No, no they do not. However, my senses do keep getting tricked into thinking that they are different. Altogether or separately, they are delicious!

While writing this review, it’s just after 11 pm, I’m listening to Billy Joel’s Piano Man, and eating 1.8l of bubblegum flavoured ice cream. If that’s not the perfect night, then I just don’t know what is.

If you haven’t already gathered from this review, I highly recommend Ola’s Rich ‘n Creamy Magical Unicorn ice cream. Go out and get a tub.

Lady Rainicorn Adventure Time
Is anyone else reminded of Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time?

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