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Pura Soda: Lemon & Elderflower (and Cucumber & Lime) [Review]

Pura Soda is marketed as a “Grown Up Soda” and is completely different from the cooldrinks you may be used to.

This review is a first for Next Window Plz for two reasons: Firstly, the item I am reviewing today was sent to us by one of our regular readers (I tend to buy everything reviewed on the site with my own money), and secondly it’s a drink that isn’t produced be a massive international corporation with a branch in South Africa.

But how does it taste?

Upon first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking (and smelling) that Pura Soda has created a lemonade drink with a slight spin to it. Instead, the company has elegantly blended lemonade with elderflower (the flower of the elderberry).

At first taste, I was hit with a mild lemon flavour, which was then replaced by the elderflower. It was jarring, to say the least. The juxtaposition between a well-known flavour and something I hadn’t tasted before was an interesting experience.

What I then noticed was a subtle hint of both sweet and bitter. Because Pura doesn’t dump refined sugar into its drinks, unlike many other companies, it instead uses refined cane sugar. This gives it a quiet taste that you’re not going to find from any of the major brands.

But do I like Pura Soda?

No, no I did not. This is one drink that I don’t think I’ll be purchasing again. However, that in no way means that it is bad. What it does mean is that the combination of Lemon and & Elderflower doesn’t appeal to me, but I am positive it will have a loyal following. It’s an interesting drink and I commend the company on it. Do I recommend you try it for yourself? Absolutely, but with trepidation.

Addition: sometime after writing the first draft of this review, I decided to purchase the Cucumber & Lime flavour. Unlike Lemon & Elderflower, I absolutely hate this one. It tastes as if I was drinking tzatziki and I couldn’t handle more than a few sips.

Editor’s note: At Next Window Plz, we strive to use features images of review items that we have taken. Due to the low quality of the images for this review, we have decided to use a press shot.

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