A-Mart, the online Asian grocery store

One of my favourite types of food is Asian cuisine. From sushi to White Rabbit sweets and Kimchi — I love it all. I was delighted to find out that A-Mart, an online Asian grocery store launched in Cape Town had recently launched.

Based out of Cape Town, A-Mart stocks a wide variety of instant noodles different soft drinks, and even Kit-Kats. Not to mention that the store lists an extensive range of food brands. I haven’t had a chance to try them out, but this is a quick write-up on what the store stocks.

From the A-Mart About page:

A-Mart specialises in East Asian food products. Products we offer range from essential ingredients for Asian dishes such as soy sauce and fish sauce to exciting on the go snacks and instant noodles/ramen from various regions across Asia. At A-Mart we are passionate about food, especially Asian food. Our goal is share [sic] our passion and love for Asian food to all South Africans.

So many noodles

Like many South Africans, I grew up with Maggie’s Two Minute noodles (and the awful Pick n Pay version, as well). However, I instantly fell in love with imported instant (and not so instant) noodles. Unlike Maggie, these packs may contain thicker and thinner noodles, additional spices, and even packets of actual meat. They can also be incredibly spicy, so you have been warned.

A-Mart stocks two of my favourite brands: Samyang and Nongshim, though these can often be found at a variety of Spar stores. Though, the online store carries udon — a thicker noodle — which isn’t often easy to find. The prices of noodles aren’t bad, but a little more than what you’d pay for in a store.

More instant foods and some drinks

I absolutely love trying out different instant foods. I find it fascinating what manufacturers might include in a can of stew or a frozen box of fish sticks (usually, fish). And A-Mart carries a few different meals I have yet to try out: instant Thai Tom Yum Soup and Congee.

There are also quite a few drinks you won’t find in your local stores, such as Lipton chocolate milk tea, a tinned milky soft drink, and a black bean drink.

I’ll be trying out the store as soon as I can (when payday comes around).

Editor’s note: This is not an advertorial piece.



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  1. which spar stores specifically stock the samyang brand

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