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7 Stars Original energy drink – it’s something! [Review]

It’s that time again when I put my body through its paces and down a large energy drink. I do this for you, dear reader. I do this for you. I previously reviewed Score Energy drink and decided it was about time I looked at another. This time, I bought a can of 7 Stars original flavour energy drink. So, how does it stack up against the rest?

7 Stars is an energy drink, alright

Much like most energy drinks, 7 Stars consists of a guarana-based mixture. It contains 160mg of caffeine, though the can isn’t clear on how much sugar and guarana-extract is in a 500ml of the stuff. Judging by the amount of late-night jitters and ineffectiveness of my sleeping pills after downing a can, I’d say it’s a fair amount. In that regard, it stopped me from sleeping which is part of the point of an energy drink.

It smells like most other drinks and tastes like a watered-down version of Red Bull. What I do like about 7 Stars is that it doesn’t taste as sugary as Score Energy. It’s also a bit syrupy in its consistency.

What sets 7 Stars apart from the rest?

Well, the price, really. I picked up this 500ml can from Pick n Pay for a measly R8. Unfortunately, I don’t usually but it so I can’t say what the average price is. However, that’s a pretty good deal for most drinks (have you seen the price of Coke lately?!)

The energy drink market is a competitive one. Just walk into pretty much any store and you’ll see several energy drinks along the isles. Hell, most of them are pretty much (not exactly) the same thing, but just rebranded. Unfortunately, 7 Stars doesn’t really stand out from the rest.

Is 7 Stars worth a purchase? I’d say so. If you can pick it up for a decent price, it’ll give you similar results to Red Bull and the like.

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