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Lucozade and VitaminWater are my go-to ‘sick’ drinks

I’ve had a stomach virus for a little while (these are not the opening lines you want to read on a food site). Due to stress in my professional and private life, my body’s immune system has taken quite a beating. Whenever this happens, I hate eating and, instead, resort to two of my favourite drinks: Lucozade and VitaminWater.

Before I go any further, let me state that this is by no means a medical piece. This is about what makes me feel better. If you are sick, please seek professional medical advice.

Coke was my friend, until it wasn’t

When I was much younger and I had an upset stomach for whatever reason, my mom used to give me a glass of Coke. Coke used to be the cure-all for stomach problems for whatever reason. Over the years as Coca Cola has changed some of the ingredients and removed a lot of sugar, Coke stopped working. Now, it actually makes me feel even worse when I’m sick. Okay, so it does tend to soothe my throat when it’s sore, I’ll give it that.

Lucozade is bae

In my teens, I remember being introduced to Lucozade. It has, of course, been around for years, but after the Coke debacle, it became my new go-to drink. Let me be most specific: the original flavour is the one I love; don’t give me that orange or apple or whatever new flavour rubbish. Even if it’s pretty much just carbonated sugar water, Lucozade has a placebo effect that almost always makes me feel better.

However, I am still annoyed that Lucozade cut its sugar content a year or two ago. I still love the drink, but it’s just not the same anymore.

The introduction of VitaminWater

A few years ago, I was introduced to VitaminWater, though I probably introduced myself to it. This is another sugar water drink that has a placebo effect on me. During my current bought of stomach virus woes, both original Lucozade and Kiwi Strawberry VitaminWater have been there for me. Yes, I have also drunk copious amounts of water as well.

Though, I do wish the quirky copy on VitaminWater bottles would return. They were always so well-written and put a smile on my face.

This wasn’t the longest piece on the Next Window Plz website, but since I’m not feeling well, I just wanted to share my love of these drinks.

What are your favourite things to drink when you’re sick?

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