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Coca-Cola Lime – it’s amazing! [Review]

South Africa can be a pretty boring place for soft drink flavours. We have Coca-Cola (or Coke), Fanta, Pepsi, Jive, and a few others, but the flavours don’t really stand out. It’s because of this that I rely on my local Spar for import soft drinks, and Coca-Cola Lime is one of the best products on offer.

South Africa had Coca-Cola with Lemon

Around 2001 or so (according to Wikipedia), Coca-Cola South Africa launched the Lemon flavoured version of their drink. I remember trying it a few times and not enjoying it. I also remember only ever trying Coke Light with Lemon, and not original Coke. Sometime after that, it disappeared from SA store shelves. Its unpopularity may prove to be the reason why Lime hasn’t launched in SA. And that’s a shame, a damn shame.

Coca-Cola with Lime is pretty damn good!

Coke Lime is easily one of my favourite soft drinks of all time (standing toe-to-toe with Coke Cherry and Dr Pepper). Upon the first sip, it might seem a little bland, however, the taste quickly changes into sugary goodness. Coke Lime has a smooth and satisfying taste that lingers in the best possible way. Neither the Coke nor the lime flavour are overpowering and blend perfectly. It’s a drink that I can easily take a few gulps of at a time and not get bored of it.

It’s a lovely change from the generic original Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Light. It’s a pity that Coca-Cola South Africa doesn’t experiment more with its flavours. Instead, we’re given the horrendous Coke Life. The only good thing I remember about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was that Coke SA launched the Cherry flavour for a limited time. Do we really need another shitty superhero movie to get a new flavour out of them?

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