Liqui Fruit Cranberry Fruit Juice Review

Liqui Fruit’s Sparkling Cranberry Fruit Juice it’s cranberry-licious [Review]

Secondly, Liqui Fruit is a strange brand in the South African market. It’s boxed and canned juices have been around for years, but do you ever actually see someone drinking one of them? I remember always being a bit envious of other kids in school when they had a Liqui Fruit (or Just Juice) with their lunch. While waiting in the checkout lane, I spotted a few cans of Liqui Fruit that I’d never seen before. I picked up the Sparkling Cranberry Cooler to taste if I still enjoyed the brand.

The marketing

Thanks to its packaging, the Cranberry Cooler (and it’s Sparkling range) stand out from other Liqui Fruit offerings. Instead of having the featured fruit all over the product, it brandishes a flat-coloured crimson-ish and gold can. That packaging is a bit reminiscent of the Grapetiser products.

The can doesn’t state where exactly the ingredients have been sourced from, or where it was canned. Instead, there’s a message stating it’s a “product of South African Pioneer Foods” and gives an office address in Cape Town.

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Liqui Fruit’s Sparkling Cranberry Fruit Juice is cranberry, really

When you live life at 100%, you need nothing but a big, bold hit of 100% sparkling refreshment. You need nothing but the sweet, sharp taste of Cranberry – from the Liqui Fruit website.

According to the can, it’s made up of carbonated reconstituted grape, apple and cranberry concentrate, acidity regulator, flavouring, grape skin extract, and vitamin C.

The taste is similar to most carbonised fruit drinks. There’s an initial taste of sweet, carbonated water, which is soon replaced by cranberries. It also has a strong flavour of apple and grape, which are generally used as preservatives in fruit drinks. It’s smooth and it’s nice and I like the after taste, which doesn’t overstate it’s welcome.

Overall, I’d recommend Liqui Fruit’s Sparkling Cranberry Cooler. It’s a nice, refreshing drink, with slightly strong flavours.

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