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Dr Pepper: Vanilla Float – I need more [Review]

In recent years, Dr Pepper has fast become one of my favourite soft drinks–pushing Cherry Coke into second place. Its pepper-style flavour profile is absolutely delicious and I can’t get enough of it. After trying four different versions of it last year. I finally had the opportunity to try a new Dr Pepper flavour: Vanilla Float.

Vanilla Float: A familiar flavour

A vanilla flavoured drink isn’t anything new. Cream soda (or Creme Soda, if you love Sparletta’s green abomination), is supposed to have a vanilla flavour. South Africa used to have a vanilla Coke, but that has long since been retired. So what really makes this drink any different than the others?

It’s all in the Pepper

After cracking open the can, I was greeted with the sweet smell of vanilla. It has undertones of Dr Pepper, but the aroma was unmistakable.

To me, Dr Pepper has a flavour combination of cherries and marzipan. Thanks to the vanilla in this variant, the taste is smooth. It’s actually one of the smoothest drinks I’ve ever had, which may sound strange in the context of a carbonated soda.

The first sip; the second sip; the final sip–all of them were a treat. Even now I’m wishing that I had more of this gorgeous drink. I just couldn’t get enough of the Vanilla Float taste, which mixes perfectly with the Dr Pepper flavour. It has instantly become my favourite soft drink, knocking the standard version down a peg.

If you’re keeping score, Cherry Coke is now in third place.

Don’t get your hopes up

Vanilla Float is manufactured in the US; it’s made with high fructose corn syrup and 42g of sugars. Due to the SA sugar tax, we’re not likely to see it locally produced like this. However, you should be able to grab one from the imports section of your local Spar store.

Seriously, why are you still reading this? Go out and get a few cans.

Thank you to Waine for this can of Dr Pepper: Vanilla Float.

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