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Add Pura Soda to your Burger King meal for R3 extra

In a turn of events that we didn’t see coming, Burger King South Africa has announced its partnership with Pura. Three of the Pura Beverage Co’s flavours will now be available at your local Burger King outlet.

The announcement was done on Twitter via Burger King SA’s official account.

You’ll be able to swap out the drink by adding an additional R3 to your order total. The first flavours available will be Cranberry, Seville Orange, and Pomegranate.

What is Pura Soda?

Pura Soda is marketed as a “Grown Up Soda.” It contains no artificial sweetness, has natural flavours, no colourants, and is low in sugar. So it’s the complete opposite of Burger King’s standard Pepsi Co. soda fountain drinks.

It’s an interesting move and one that is sure to bring in a more health-conscious kind of market. Though, Burger King would still have a long way to go in putting in some real traction.

You can read our review of Pura Soda’s Lemon & Elderflower and Cucumber & Lime flavours here.

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