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Graham loves hamburgers, pizza, and sushi. It's love for food that first sparked the idea for this website. He's also a geek and writer.

Add Pura Soda to your Burger King meal for R3 extra

Burger King Pura Soda header

In a turn of events that we didn’t see coming, Burger King South Africa has announced its partnership with Pura. Three of the Pura Beverage Co’s flavours will now be available at your local Burger King outlet. The announcement was done on Twitter via Burger King SA’s official account. PURA …

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Dr Pepper: Vanilla Float – I need more [Review]

Dr Pepper Vanilla Float header

In recent years, Dr Pepper has fast become one of my favourite soft drinks–pushing Cherry Coke into second place. Its pepper-style flavour profile is absolutely delicious and I can’t get enough of it. After trying four different versions of it last year. I finally had the opportunity to try a …

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Krispy Kreme is pretty damn good [Review]

Krispy Kreme Review header

Mix together flour, egg, milk, sugar, oil, and then fry it. What do you have? A doughnut. It’s a simple confectionary and one that many companies have built empires on. Krispy Kreme is a doughnut juggernaut in the United States that made its way to South African shores. Should you …

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The Bacon King sure is different [Review]

Bacon King South Africa

I’ve been excited about trying out the Bacon King burger, I really have. A few people that have tried to dissuade me from trying it (especially those that don’t eat fast food, for some reason), but I need to try these things. On a Wednesday evening, I finally made the …

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Where to actually get a Bacon King burger in South Africa

Bacon King South Africa

If you’re like me, there’s a good chance you haven’t had one of Burger King’s new Bacon King burgers yet. Why? Because only a few of their outlets are selling them, and tracking down a list of those branches isn’t easy. Over the past two weeks, I’ve found myself in …

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Pic of the day: ‘Nougat Mousse Chocolate’ by RitaE

nougat chocolate mousse header

Today’s picture ‘Nougat Mousse Chocolate’ comes from RitaE on Pixabay. Chocolate mousse is easily one of my favourite — and the best — desserts ever created. It’s a combination of chocolate and cream, whipped into a light and fluffy texture is just heavenly. It’s not uncommon for me to sit …

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Pic of the day: ‘Pancakes’ by RitaE

pancakes by ritae

Today’s picture comes from RitaE on Pixabay. Who doesn’t love a stack of pancakes, smothered in syrup? It’s an elegant dessert (or meal), really: a combination of eggs, milk, and flour. And it only takes minutes to make.

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Pizza Hut launches 50% off Sizzling Slicer Sale

pizza hut sizzling promo

Pizza Hut South Africa has launched a pretty interesting promo. By using the code SLIVER, you’ll receive 50% off of your online order. This is bound to ruffle the feathers of a few other pizza joints. The promo was announced via a Facebook post on the brand’s official page. The …

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Coca-Cola Energy – the strangest Coke around [Review]

Coca-Cole Energy Review Image 2

Coca-Cola Energy may be one of the strangest products to hit South African shelves. While it makes sense that Coke would want to enter the over-saturated energy drink market with their own label, the first offering from the company is also quite the misfire. You won’t miss the Coca-Cola Energy …

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Coca-Cola Lime – it’s amazing! [Review]

Coca Cola Lime Review Featured Image

South Africa can be a pretty boring place for soft drink flavours. We have Coca-Cola (or Coke), Fanta, Pepsi, Jive, and a few others, but the flavours don’t really stand out. It’s because of this that I rely on my local Spar for import soft drinks, and Coca-Cola Lime is …

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