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A-Mart, the online Asian grocery store

One of my favourite types of food is Asian cuisine. From sushi to White Rabbit sweets and Kimchi — I love it all. I was delighted to find out that A-Mart, an online Asian grocery store launched in Cape Town had recently launched. Based out of Cape Town, A-Mart stocks a wide …

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Belhar Spar is a hidden gem of bakery delights

Whenever I jump into a new job, there’s always one aspect that worries me. It’s not my workload, my bosses, or my co-workers; it’s the local eatery options. My previous place of employment had a Pick n Pay, Checkers, Woolworths, and a number of fast food outlets within five-minute walking …

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Best, easy winter foods to keep your family healthy

butternut soup

The winter months often conjure up images of warm soups and hearty casseroles. Though it may be the perfect time to eat these meals, they can serve another purpose as well. No matter where you are in South Africa, by now you’ll have noticed the chilly mornings and freezing evenings. …

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3 tricks to creating convenient winter meals


The cold winter months often make us crave a hearty meal. Or junk food. But definitely something warm, filling, and delicious. Food helps us to keep warm, fuels our metabolism and is a great reason to come together as a family or a group of friends. If you are cooking …

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5 annoying things other customers do when ordering food

annoying customer

Going out and grabbing a bite to eat, whether you’re sitting down or waiting for takeout, should be an enjoyable experience. Hey, you’re getting some yummy food that you don’t have to make yourself! Unfortunately, sometimes other customers really know how to ruin the experience, or at least do so …

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