One of my favourite types of food is Asian cuisine. From sushi to White Rabbit sweets and Kimchi — I love it all. I was delighted to find out that A-Mart, an online Asian grocery store launched in Cape Town had recently launched. Based out of Cape Town, A-Mart stocks a wide variety of instant noodles different soft drinks, and even Kit-Kats. Not to mention that the store lists an extensive range of food brands. I haven’t had a chance to try them out, but this is a quick write-up on what the store stocks. From the A-Mart About page: A-Mart specialises in East Asian food products.Read More →

Roman's Pizza R189 deal

One of my absolute favourite pizza places*, Roman’s Pizza, has launched a pretty damn good deal. For R189.90 you’ll get two large pizzas from the Rumbling/Grumblings ranges. The combo also includes a 2l cool drink and a 1.8l tub of chocolate or vanilla ice cream from Ola’s Rich & Creamy range. For an additional R199.89, you can choose pizzas from the Famished range, or R210 for the Ravenous range. Get 2 Large Pizzas from our Rumbling/Grumbling ranges + a 2L Coca-Cola Product + a 1.8L Tub of Rich & Creamy Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream for ONLY R189.90 or ONLY R199.90 for Famished or ONLYRead More →

McDonald's Logo

McDonald’s is one of, if not the largest fast food chain in the world. To date, the company has well over 36 000 stores worldwide and is a global force. And while you may be planning on picking up a few burgers for lunch, here are nine facts about McDonald’s SA that you can chew on. The cheese is imported from New Zealand – That’s right, the cheese in McDonald’s SA burgers is sourced internationally! It’s also created in such a way that slices peel away from each other with ease for faster burger assembly. Some of the beef supply comes out of Botswana –Read More →

McDonald's V&A Waterfront

A Big Mac, fries, and a Coke – how iconic is that image? It’s one that conjures up memories of eating out with your family, getting that Happy Meal Toy you’ve been waiting for, or midnight burger runs. Let’s face it, McDonald’s is the face of the fast food burger not only in South Africa but the world over. Last year, Next Window Plz was invited on a kitchen tour of the McDonald’s branch in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. We had the opportunity to pick the brain of the company’s Chief Operations and Supply Chain Officer, Jo Ann de Wet. Since 1995, McDonald’s hasRead More →

Image for Coke article

And this would have implemented with specialised Coke vending machines around the end of the 1990s. How did they plan to do this? Apparently, the vending machines would be fitted with a thermostat and software that would raise the price on hot days. This would have been done in the US and other markets, though I doubt it would have reached South Africa. Generally, vending machines offer companies one of the highest profit margins. It’s easy to see why they would want to implement this “feature”. It didn’t end well for Coke Thankfully, it never came to pass. Though if you’ve ever purchased a drink fromRead More →

kiwi strawberry vitaminwater

Like most people, my tastes go through phases… or stages. Not too long ago I was obsessed with Peach Tropica, then Frankie’s Root Beer, then Coke. But, now, I have a new love when it comes to quenching my thirst: Glaceau Kiwi Strawberry Vitaminwater. It’s so different to the other drinks I mentioned, that I do wonder why my body craves it. Okay, so the obvious reason is the taste. There’s just something about it that’s indescribable to my taste buds. I’m not a fan of the other flavours in the range – the Dragon Fruit is an okay alternative – but somehow this oneRead More →

Whenever I jump into a new job, there’s always one aspect that worries me. It’s not my workload, my bosses, or my co-workers; it’s the local eatery options. My previous place of employment had a Pick n Pay, Checkers, Woolworths, and a number of fast food outlets within five-minute walking distance. Thankfully, I discovered something interesting about my new location. The Super Spar is super What first appeared to be a run-of-the-mill and boring Super Spur, buried between a McDonald’s, KFC, Steers, and Debonairs, turned out to be a hidden gem. The Spar store in Belhar, Cape Town has a pretty fine bakery. In fact,Read More →

butternut soup

The winter months often conjure up images of warm soups and hearty casseroles. Though it may be the perfect time to eat these meals, they can serve another purpose as well. No matter where you are in South Africa, by now you’ll have noticed the chilly mornings and freezing evenings. The cold weather brings with it many changes in lifestyle and more importantly your diet as well. Gone are the days of lapping ice creams to keep cool or consuming long braais with your friends. Now, it’s not just about keeping warm, but at least trying to stave off flu, colds, and whatever else isRead More →


The cold winter months often make us crave a hearty meal. Or junk food. But definitely something warm, filling, and delicious. Food helps us to keep warm, fuels our metabolism and is a great reason to come together as a family or a group of friends. If you are cooking for your partner and kids then you’re likely to be in the market for quick and easy meals. There are many different types of quick and easy meals available. You could, of course, go the takeaways route but it’s not necessarily as nutritious to prevent colds and flu. And during the colder season, most ofRead More →

annoying customer

Going out and grabbing a bite to eat, whether you’re sitting down or waiting for takeout, should be an enjoyable experience. Hey, you’re getting some yummy food that you don’t have to make yourself! Unfortunately, sometimes other customers really know how to ruin the experience, or at least do so unintentionally. Over the past few days, we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter what their pet peeves are with other customers when ordering food. We’ve compiled the best ones below in descending order. 5. The register vultures Once you’ve placed your order, either move to the side of the cash register or go standRead More →

Fast food outlets in South Africa have a strange habit of not advertising their entire menu to customers. McDonald’s is no stranger to this practice and after scouring their website, we found a couple items that you might not know that they sell. It’s a pity, really, as McDonald’s has far more menu options than meets the eye and almost everything can be made into a meal combo option as well. For this piece, we’ll be leaving off the McCafé menu as not every McDonald’s outlet has one of these. MegaMac This was all the rage a few years ago (a decade, maybe?), but theRead More →