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I’ve had a stomach virus for a little while (these are not the opening lines you want to read on a food site). Due to stress in my professional and private life, my body’s immune system has taken quite a beating. Whenever this happens, I hate eating and, instead, resort to two of my favourite drinks: Lucozade and VitaminWater. Before I go any further, let me state that this is by no means a medical piece. This is about what makes me feel better. If you are sick, please seek professional medical advice. Coke was my friend, until it wasn’t When I was much youngerRead More →

wimpy waffles

There’s something magical about waffles. It could be the numerous and concise indents, their roundness, or just how they are the perfect combination of soft and crispy. Regardless, in my opinion, Wimpy makes the best waffles – especially when paired with cream and syrup. A few years ago, I was a full-time business and technology journalist. When I needed to fly to a different part of South Africa for an event or story, I would always stop in at one of the Wimpy branches in the Cape Town International Airport for a pre-flight snack. And besides its glorious cheeseburgers, Wimpy waffles were always on order.Read More →

Dr Peppers

In South Africa, our soft drinks market is primarily dominated by Coca-cola and its products, with Pepsi and a few local brands fighting for a piece of the pie. But there may be a soft drink that you’ve never had the chance to try: Dr Pepper. You wouldn’t be blamed for not picking this up while shopping as it’s generally more expensive than other drinks. Why? Because Dr Pepper is imported and not manufactured locally in South Africa. Which is a bit odd since we have Snapple in SA (Snapple is a part of Dr Pepper in the US), but the country has a longRead More →

cream cheese

Shopping for bread at the health shop is always fun. They used to be confused when I made a beeline for the bread freezer rather than stopping to chat about goji berries and the benefits of juicing. Now either I’ve become much quicker (in and out before they’ve blinked) or they’re actually getting used to me. You see, I am not a healthy person. My idea of a balanced meal is a light salad (read: lettuce from a packet with some cheese cubes), followed by crisps dipped in cream cheese with a few spoons of Nutella for dessert. Like, that’s me doing well. On aRead More →

pop tarts

When I was a kid in grade five or six, I stayed over at a friend’s house one weekend. His parents were pretty rich, which meant that sleepovers would consist of 2l Cokes, KFC, and a few movie rentals. What sticks out so clearly for me was the next morning when I was introduced to Pop Tarts. My life changed. What are Pop Tarts? You see, Pop Tarts are an American pastry treat that is stuffed with different sugary fillings. The pastries are placed into a toaster and warmed up, melting the insides and some out the outside frosting as well. These delicacies (well, atRead More →

Life is a strange thing, especially when you find something, fall in love with it and it then vanishes. While I’m not talking about that person you saw in the club one night and had a small fling, this could be something similar. I’m talking about banana caramel eclairs, the things I discovered a decade ago. It happened on a day like any other in Cape Town: the wind was blowing, the sun was shining, and everyone was driving as if it was a Sunday (it wasn’t), and I needed a snack. That day, I decided to venture to the Welgedacht Spar, which is something IRead More →

Many, many years ago (let’s say twenty, at least) when I was still in primary school, my family lived in Kenridge, Cape Town. There was a small shopping centre just down the road which contained the bare basics, such as a video store, chemist, estate agent, as well as a Seven 11. It was here, in this tiny little cafe that the world’s greatest cheese rolls were baked. One day they vanished. I still salivate over these specific baked good, because no substitute has ever come close to them. The rolls were standard hamburger buns and were covered in a layer of gorgeous cheese that wentRead More →