Review policy

At Next Window Plz, we take great pride in making sure all of our published reviews are accurate and reflect the product. In order to achieve this, we have strict rules that all of our writers follow.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all review items are paid for by the writer of Next Window Plz and not the PR company or restaurant in question.
  • All reviews are conducted without drawing attention to Next Window Plz or the reviewer. This means that reviewers will not tell the restaurant owner that Next Window Plz is there to review the food/establishment. This not only mitigates any abuse of power but ensures the meal being eaten is of standard preparation and that no favouritism takes place. Unless otherwise stated, all reviews are conducted without the knowledge of the establishment.
  • Unless otherwise stated, reviewers for Next Window Plz shall ensure that the meal is fully consumed in order to form a full option.
  • No external company may pay Next Window Plz for a review of the establishment/meal.
  • No external company may pay Next Window Plz for a final review verdict.
  • PR companies/establishments may request that Next Window Plz re-review an item. If Next Window Plz deems this necessary, it will follow the above rules. Any exceptions will be stated in the final publication of the re-review.
  • Unless otherwise stated, product images for reviews are taken by Next Window Plz writers and will not be supplied by any third-party. Images may be modified to increase/decrease light, but never to touch-up a product/establishment.
  • Though the first two reviews published by Next Window Plz included a rating system, no review going forward will feature review scores.

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