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Pic of the day: ‘Nougat Mousse Chocolate’ by RitaE

nougat chocolate mousse header

Today’s picture ‘Nougat Mousse Chocolate’ comes from RitaE on Pixabay. Chocolate mousse is easily one of my favourite — and the best — desserts ever created. It’s a combination of chocolate and cream, whipped into a light and fluffy texture is just heavenly. It’s not uncommon for me to sit …

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Pic of the day: ‘Pancakes’ by RitaE

pancakes by ritae

Today’s picture comes from RitaE on Pixabay. Who doesn’t love a stack of pancakes, smothered in syrup? It’s an elegant dessert (or meal), really: a combination of eggs, milk, and flour. And it only takes minutes to make.

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Pic of the day: ‘Seafood Pasta’ by Naotake Murayama

Today’s picture comes from Naotake Murayama on Flickr. Sometimes at Next Window Plz, we like being just a little fancier. That’s why today’s picture isn’t pasta lavished in a thick sauce with meatballs (that’s for another day!), but rather a seafood delicacy. The pic of the day features spaghetti topped …

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Pic of the day: ‘Taco’ by Karl-Martin Skontorp

Today’s picture comes from Karl-Martin Skontorp on Flickr. What’s not to love about tacos? They’re perfect little corn (or wheat) flour packages stuffed with some of the most delicious ingredients around. Add in some minced ground beef, salsa, cheese, lettuce, guacamole and you’ve got the perfect treat. Oh and don’t …

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Pic of the day: ‘Brownies’ by Nico Kaiser

Today’s picture comes from Nico Kaiser on Flickr. Who doesn’t love soft, gooey brownies? Today’s picture really takes the cake (pun intended!). The tops of these delicacies have been cooked to perfection, while the middle looks like it still has the right amount of moistness. Now for the real question: …

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Pic of the day: ‘Lasagna’ by tenaciousme

Today’s picture comes from tenaciousme on Flickr. Taking the traditional mince-based lasagna, this spinach and tomato filled dish looks absolutely gorgeous. The pasta sheets and soft and appear easy to cut, while the overall dish is topped off with the perfect amount of cheese. Not to mention it is garnished …

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Pic of the day: ‘steak’ by stu_spivack

Today’s picture comes from stu_spivack on Flickr. This medium rare cut of meat just looks absolutely gorgeous. The sauce and spices covering it have really brought out the redness of the meat. Actually, we can’t think of much to say about this one because we keep drooling on our keyboards.

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Pic of the day: ‘Motherf***ing Waffles’ by Matt Mets

Today’s picture comes from Matt Mets on Flickr. Inspired by Joe’s Easy Diner yesterday, we decided to make waffles today’s Pic of the Day. And, yes, the image is actually named “Motherf***ing Waffles”. The crispy-looking golden-brown waffle is topped off with some berries and cream. You can try fool yourself …

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Pic of the day: ‘Pizza’ by russellstreet

Today’s picture comes from russellstreet on Flickr. This lightly toasted, bready delight is smothered in either gouda or cheddar and complimented by globs of feta cheese as well. It’s further topped with sliced tomatoes, purple onion, and cuts of salami. You can almost smell how delicious it looks.

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